• The first thing I would check for is obstructions. Some systems are equipped with electric eyes which prevent the door from closing when the eye is blocked, or perhaps there's something in the track which activates the safety system.
  • my garage door was doing this and the guy that i hired to fix it said that the door was binding just a little and the motor was set to retract instead of forcing it on down. he told me it also could have been the chain drive out of adjustment
  • Clean the tracks - that fixes your problem ninety percent of the time, spraying some lube on the chain will also help after you clean it also.
  • Check the manual. The downforce may be set incorrectly. Also check to make sure there is nothing blocking the door's pathway. Good luck. I know the frustration this can cause. I ended up buying a new unit to solve the problem about a year ago.
  • A lot of garage doors have an electric eye system installed that will reverse the garage door when there is no light from the sender to the receiver or the circuit is broken. Check that the sending unit near the floor on one side is sending to the receiving unit on the other side and that they are lined up correctly. Other answers may also be correct depending which type of safety cautions are built into the system. A previous one I had would reverse if the door would bind or become more difficult to close, etc.
  • Gar age doors can be the dimmest thing to adjust at times and so easy other time. and all there is to adjust(with a screw driver)the screws are easy to find .older ones you have to remove motor cover which is very simple.

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