• you are far too young to even know what love feels like. Your idea of love is based on cartoons. Love is not infatuation. At your age, kids are fickle and want a different thing every other day. Take it slow. You'll have plenty of time to learn what love is. Love consists of something you feel for this other person on a level in which your 14 year old brain cannot fathom. Trust me on this.
  • You're in puberty, and those feelings are called a crush. You've reached a potential breeding age and your body is instinctively beginning to look for suitable mates. It's not love per se. Your hormones are affecting your emotions, and you can even feel a physical reaction when you see of think about the object of your affection. But don't worry, it happens to most of us. Just try to bear in mind that you're young, you have a lot of life left to live, you still have thousands of people yet to meet, and that fixations can become unhealthy if left unchecked.
  • im not sure i believe anyone can love. soo yeah it could be. =]
  • I do think it's possible for a 14 year old to be in love but it's highly unlikely. Most don't know what love really is or what it means. Most haven't thought about what it could mean for their future and what to do with it if it happens. But that's because people mature at different speeds and through different circumstances. I met my husband when i was only 14 and I did like him a lot. Was it love? I thought I was pretty sure iut was, but I wasn't positive if this was it, for a lifetime. By the time I was 15 I just knew. But by that time we had talked about everything we could, both knew we wanted a lifetime partner, shared each other's goals and plans for family, how we would like to live our lives, religion, everything. We talked and talked. We didn't those early couple of years dating by ourselves, we always had company, went with other people of all ages. We spent time with each other's families to see what we were really like. We really knew each other and liked what we discovered. We got engaged when I was 17 with my parents blessings, and were married when I was 18, as I just felt we needed to wait for me to completely grow up. We've been married now for 36 years and I would do it all again. But I hesitate to recommend being in love at such an early age because I find that most younger people are in too much of a rush and just aren't into patience, waiting, getting to know others, and changing to be a better partner. But if you are willing to make those changes because the person is worth it, because you do see yourself with them forever, through whatever happens, and are not blind to each other's shortcomings, then it might be possible.
  • If your confused your not in love, everything will become clear when it true love.
  • You want to know what love is girl? Just think about someone u are not addicted to, but u can't live without. Maybe ur mom, ur dad, ur li'l bro, or ur best girlfriend. It does not depend on looks, being cool or wealthy. If u really r in love, u'll love a person for what he/she is without botherin what other ppl think of them. For example, maybe someone might tell u ur dad is not cool or good lookin. But u'll still love ur dad and maybe u'll be pissed off at someone who's talked about ur dad like that. Now's that's true love. If u want to check whether u r in love, just think about whether u'll still like that person so much if he loses all his good looks, money and cool attitude, and is forty five years old. If ur answer is yes, then ur probably in true love :)
  • It is wanting to be with the same person until you die. most people think lust is love. that's why most people get divorced or cheat.
  • First I don't believe that you're actually 14. Second, if you are actually 14, your brain isn't going to settle down till your mid 20s. Till then what you like and who you love is going to change a lot.

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