• I disagree (and I'm gay and I'd like to get married and I can't where I live right now). Up until the passage of the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, the federal government deferred entirely to the states on the definition of marriage. And in most, but not all, cases the states deferred to each other. In order to allow same sex marriage, and have it be recognized at the federal level the national government only needs to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, and go back to letting states make the call.
  • I think this would be the easiest way to solve the problem; say with an Executive Order from the White House (hint hint hint).
  • This seems to be the case, although a series of legal precedents at the local and state level are not inconsequential and seem to be adding to the critical mass needed to force acceptance of a test case by the US Supreme Court. President Obama could not by executive order create new rights for gays, but could use his considerable political leverage and popular support to push through new legislation to give equality to same sex couples. He is, after all, the first president to promise to do this on the WH website, and he did make this promise to the 1000s of gays who helped him get elected. We're all waiting to see how Obama will react and when he will take the lead in this campaign promise. He has already appointed an openly gay head to the Office of Equal Rights, a both symbolic and strategic action.
  • It really isn't a complex as you apparently thing ... Unless you own stocks, bonds, multiple dwellings , and businesses thruout the world.... THEN; you might have some issues to be addresssed and they would be handled thru your attorney .... In the more simplistic marriage ..states have their own laws which must be adheared to .... with a few minor federal laws ... nothing to sweat . There are wasy to address the issues thru your legal representatives at the STATE level ... I've never seen Marriage issues resolved at a federal level.
  • I know of at least 50 state courts willing to argue the point with you.

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