• It happens to most everyone from time to time..dont take it personal..its a troll..Just let the folks know its happening and some of will boost your points back up for ya :) +5
  • It happens. Report it to
  • you got trolled here's +4
  • Go to your profile, screenshot the downrates, then host them. Report it via the feedback link at the bottom of your profile page, and include links to the screenshots. AB will make them knock it off.
  • No i cant say that this has been done to me but i have noticed that some one is most definately doing this to you.Not fair.
  • Looking at your picture.. you are an adoreable looking chick. Very pretty. .. and I am a woman so feel safe in knowing I am not trying to pick you up ^^ but a lot of women hate instead of support other women due to their own insecurities and they are taking it out on you. Do not sweat the pts. They do it enough and it will draw the right attention to get them in trouble with a mod. You are one who does not flash your breasts at the cam for anyone to see.. You have a natural attraction without needing that. You have a tasteful picture and it speaks volumes about your character. Someone is ate up with the green eyed monster.
  • did they mark this one down?
  • It's happened to me a few times, Don't sweat it. They'll get tired of it and find someone new. +5 to you though.
  • Hey, maybe it's another glitch! New glitches seem to be popping up all the time.
  • Don't worry it must be a full moon the trolls are about Have some of this and heres +5 for you
  • Yes. Normally for questions or comments that where just simple. Like "What is your favorite snack?) I feel for you!!! That has to be frustrating. +5 from me.
  • Oh yeah. I have a whole group of trolls that does that to me. I like to think of them as an "anti-fan" club. Hey, if it keeps them off the street and occupies their time with me I'm doing a community service, right?:)
  • some troll, they take spells wher they decide to pick on someone and today they went after you +5
  • No it hasnt happened to me. Try making a complaint to make you feel better ill mark this question up
  • I would be that low. It's not me, I'm just saying that I would do it. It happens to everyone though, so it's not a big deal.
  • It is really annoying, I know the points don't actually mean anything but why have them if they aren't going to be used properly.The trolls might be deterred if any time an Answerbagger rates a question or answer the name of the rater should show up just like it does for comments and answers.
  • You said it yourself, you are very opinionated. Everyone here has the right to an opinion, not to be rude. Think about it.
  • I have had a few pages of answers DownRated within minutes of each other, but not ALL of my answers, usually right after I answered a religious question ... ... we have a few moron Trolls ... ... just report it, but do not worry about it ...
  • Before you came to Answerbag, before there even *were* points (only buttons that said "helpful, somewhat helpful, and not helpful") there were already people who were so bored with ranting about this phenomenon that they just ignored it wholesale. You'll get to that point too, if you stick around long enough. I've had this happen about... um... 100 times, I guess. Fret not, the world spins on.
  • I don`t know how someone could get to all your answers,could someone explain.
  • Simple, when anyone posts an answer or question a link for that persons profile is listed next to the post. Anyone may access their profile with this link thereby accessing ALL of their activity.
  • They are people who aren't very stable with who they are.
  • 80%, looks like you have been doing some down rating your self.

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