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  • G'day Anonymous, Thank you for your question. It might be an increase in domestic violence due to factors such as drug use and drunkenness. It might also be an increase in support services means that people are more likely to report domestic violence and leave violent relationships. Interestingly, the number of domestic violence incidents in the United States in recent years has actually declined. However, the number of cases reported has shown substantial increases. I have attached sources for your reference. Regards Wikipedia Domestic Violence CDC Intimate Partner Abuse factsheet American Bar Association End Abuse Facts
  • Look at the T.V. it's unbelieveable what we watch day in and day out - The New's nothing but bad news - The way kids treat their parents - Negitive Every Where - It's bound to seep into homes -
  • love is lacking in the world
  • i believe that there is to much pressure these days to have everything bigger and badder then our peers. to get these things we are working our asses off and we have no time to spend with are children and spouses or with ourselves for that matter. when we can't keep up with our peers it makes us feel like we have failed.
  • Good question and I wonder that myself. Twice this week I heard of a man killing his wife by lighting her on fire OMG. I would like to blame drugs or alcohol but that is an excuse not a reason. I believe the Court System is too easy on this sort of crime. A restraining order doesnt work, even with the abuser violates it they dont do anything. I say if one beats or harms another, regardless of gender they should be locked up for at least a year. That might send a message to others.
  • I'm not sure that we can actually say domestic violence is increasing. We have no reliable numbers on it in the past. How do we know that it is domestic violence that is increasing and not just that the people willing to report it are increasing? Seeing as how "rule of thumb" derives from a law that said you couldn't beat your wife with a stick with a diameter larger than your thumb, I have a hard time believing that domestic violence is a new phenomenon.
  • One factor may well be that it is being reported more than it used to be. Women are no longer suffering in silence like they did in the past. Our cultures are maturing a little more, and the biblical idea of a man's dominance and ownership of his wife is now unacceptable in the eyes of society, so the violent symptoms of that dysfunctional way of thinking aren't tolerated either.
  • Lack of respect and love for our fellow human beings, and selfishness.
  • Domestic Violence isn't the only thing increasing, these days it seems like all crime is on the rise.
  • Domestic violence has always been around, women are having more guts to report it than ever before. Laws are changing to protect them more than ever.
  • I don't know that it is necessarily increasing. I think that there are many campaigns that are making our society much more aware of its prevalence as well as telling women ( or men) how very wrong it is and that they do not have to tolerate being treated in any abusive manner.
  • I agree with many of the answers give. I also think that a lot of the social checks that used to (to some extent) control violence, are no longer there. eg when you lived in a familiar neighbourhood/town, people knew and cared about what was happening. relatives would intervene, friends would come over. things could even be diverted by eg taking the children for a sleep over (extended families are great for that). now that we live in unfamiliar neighbourhoods, there is no one to intervene, and no one to take the stress off us before the violence happens. also, we were taught morals at home, that were backed up by the community and the school system. this is not the case now. the lines are blurry and people do not know how to behave towards each other. when this is exacerbated by drink and drugs, you have a big problem.
  • Just due to lack of proper communication and understanding and in many case due to variation in opinion.hence its really needed to just be more communicative understand each other well. just explore the initial love and understanding once again and respect each others personality instead of trying to bring about a change in each other.
  • It's reported more.
  • I think kids aren't taught to respect anything, not even themselves anymore. Everyone is so worried about other stuff. Teaching our children how to comunicate with other people is so important. Teach values, teach loyalty, honesty, teach them decisions they make they are responsiable for. Teach your children well as the old saying goes.
  • Tis not. Intolerance of domestic violence is increasing. Thus reporting of it is also. Tis a good thing.
  • it's increasing because the people who are being abusive aren't being punished badly enough. to have somebody arrested for abuse, you have to call the police at the time it has occured so they can fill out a report which can be difficult if you are unable to get to a phone. and if it's your first offense, you basically get a slap on the wrist. if you have ever been the victim of domestic violence, then you realize it is on the rise because not enough has been done to protect people against it.
  • I think it's going up because we don't teach children how partners treat each other They don't have good strong role models teaching them the right way to treat a partner they love. Plus the total lack of discipline and consequences for violent behaviour as a child. We also don't give them appropreate life skills to deal with anger and other negative emotions or to have self control. Add in the exposer to violent video games, music, TV shows, and movies that glorify the mistreatment of others and you've got a powder keg. I also think it's now being reported more often by the victems. And our judical system is finally realizing that domestic abuse is a real crime that should have real consequences. Not just something that should be handeled in the family as a personal matter.
  • I don't think the occurances of domestic violence are increasing, I think more cases are being REPORTED because people are less tolerant of abusive behavior.
  • Everything moves so fast. It's much faster to hit someone than it is to talk it over. Just a thought.
  • Around the holidays...people get depressed, overwhelmed and lack of money, unemployment so abuse does tend to go up. Thank god more cases are being reported these days because we try to keep telling people not to stay in abusive relationships. A great deal of effort is being made to show the ways out of abuse and the help that is out there for them, and let people know NO ONE deserves to be abused in any way.
  • Pre-extinction behaviour.
  • Is it? I don't think so. I think our reporting and tracking of it is. Listen to people who were born in the 30's, 40's and 50's. It was accepted behavior in their time. No one reported it. It wasn't considered a crime. It isn't acceptable now, so it is news. We also don't keep our retarded relatives locked up in the attic like my step-grandmother's family did with her sisters. It would be illegal today. It was considered kinder than an institution then, and having a mentally challenged person in your family was considered shameful then. I think that if we really look at how things were, we will find that the percentages of bad things have changed very little. Only society's view of it.
  • lack of education. imagine having to go to iraq and kill people, that leaves an emotional dent, soldiers aren't receiving the treatment they need. men and women in general aren't given the tools needed to combat the patriarchal violence that is showered upon them on a daily basis. it will continue to increase until it becomes a priority that our values as a society need to change. i guess what i'm trying to say is that it is all interconnected.
  • I think it is because women are getting stronger or more equal to men in ways. I think men feel like they have to step up the control as far as men abusing women.Because certain men have always felt like they have to be the superior sex. (Physically, Mentally, Ect) Or it's just because the world is more violent in general?
  • stress, money problems
  • I say crack, this deadly drug took parents from young children starting in the 1980's, it destroyed families and broke up homes. children grew up with no guidance no morals no values, they had no family at home just the shell of what used to be parents. These children have grown up and dont know the meaning of love, caring, concern. They have no idea how to establish and maintain loving relationships, no concept of how to weather the storm. It's easier to call names and fight break up and move on, and its a vicious cycle.
  • Because my man deserves it. I like to slap my bitch up every night. He likes it.
  • Because of women.
  • Currently I think it's the state of the economy. The frustration is leading to self-destructive behavior. But I also think people report it now more than before.
  • also..people have become increasingly spoiled which is fueled by their self worth,and them thinking they deserve something,that the world owes them something...
  • Probably it's not. Just more people are admitting it.

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