• No. The 8.7 trillion dollar national deficit worries me.
  • No, people worry too much about things that nobody really wants to happen
  • No. According to the International Institute of Strategic Studies, there is no evidence to suggest Iran is producing nuclear weapons, and even if it did give caution to the wind this very moment, it would take them ten years plus to produce ONE nuclear weapon. Compare that to the thousands in the possession of America, a country that spends more money on their military than the second and third highest military-spending countries combined.
  • No moreso than the fact that most countries have them. I mean, honestly, the US has them, and the Commander-in-Chief of our military is currently a fundamentalist idealogue who ignores international convention. I fail to see much difference.
  • Yes it does.
  • Im surprised by the number of no answers. Frankly, President Ahmadinejad's Anti-Israel rhetoric has me worried. Israel has just as much a right to exist as Palestine, and he needs to recognize that. He has absolutely no business in saying that he wishes to .."blow Israel off the map."
    • MrX
      Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's second 4 year term expired in 2013. They have a 2 term limit lol.
  • Yes, only because Bush is stupid enough to try do something and make a bad situation worse.
  • no. the president of iran is doing everything he can to upset the u.s.there's an old phrase that states when a bull is going to the slaughtery,he doesn't care where he shits. please,someone tell that hostage taker he is next.
  • Yes it does. The ideology of Iran’s authority is hatred, their strategy is terror, their policy is evil and their goal is to destroying the freedom.
  • No. Frankly (and this is a non-partisan statement) I am much more concerned with what Bush who is a lame duck President anyway will do in his last years in office. As President he can order our military into Iran without the approval of the congress, the American people, or anyone else. He may very well be thinking in his head that this needs to be done and he always knows better than anyone else what needs to be done. I know America can defeat the military forces in Iran easily but then we will be faced once again with the situation we have in Iraq if Bush chooses to occupy the country. Or if he chooses to destroy the present installations and withdraw then the Iranians would most likely start over again and send open support to the insurgents in Iraq. It is unrealistic to think that since Israel has nuclear weapons that other countries in the region won't want them. Nothing over time has been proven to guarantee a nation survival like possessing nuclear weapons.
  • No, not as long as the prevailing wind here is from the north and it usually is.
  • No. I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that we're all going to die in some kind of nuclear holocost, so what does it matter who starts it?
  • No, I am far more worried by Israel's 200 existing nukes just up the road than by a theoretical single nuke maybe 5 or 10 years in the future in Iran. America and Russia currently have over 5000 each, which is more worrying still. Worst of all is that my own country is openly discussing upgrading our Trident nuclear forces; this should attract far more opprobrium than Iran's sabre-rattling. Nobody needs nuclear weapons, they are immoral, illegal and politically unusable.
  • no them but Blair and Bush do. just look at the world since they have been in power....
  • It should worry everyone. Big trouble is going to occur because of this tin pot dictator. We should do what Joe Lieberman suggested last Sunday in a interview and destroy them now.
  • kind of but theres not much i can do about it
  • No. It does not.

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