• his incompetence. Enough said.
  • Ideology and failure
  • Garish rooster-type displays of self interested stupidity.
  • His misunderestimating things.
  • Ego and greed.
  • The highest loss of life in US history due to a terror attack = "I kept America safe." Flying over New Orleans at 30,000 feet equals "We were ready for any natural disaster." More debt piled on than all the previous presidents combined in over 200 years = "I preserved and grew the Clinton surplus." The worst economic disaster since the great depression = "I brought prosperity and growth." Pretty much a pack of self-delusion and lies.
  • Hubris.
  • His being a good American man, and a good family man. He never throws the people he works with under the bus.
  • It always amazes me how figures such as George Bush become the scape goat for everything that went wrong during their term. Currently people worship the ground Obama treads on, but if gets dealt a similar hand to Bush did then I'm sure the same people will be running him into the ground that are doing so to Bush now. Ironically these are often the same people who (claim) America is the greatest country in the world, so he must have done something right.
  • if i say good things about him people will minus points against me, but f them he protected us and took down sadaum hussain, weather or not libreal like it or not iraq is a better place thats why barack can start removing troops!! well gotta start thinking of good questins to get back the points im gonna lose!!
  • A war that should not have been.
  • We had a retarded president. He was absent a lot because they couldnt train him, he was so stupid. The Mayor of New York had to fill in for him. He couldn't deliver the lines ok. HE WAS RETARDED. And he snickered as he lied to us. He snickered ALL THE TIME. He believed a giant spaghetti monster talked to him. He doubled the price of gas FOR NO REASON, and snickered some more. And yet after all that, you moronic americans voted republican AGAIN. You STUPID STUPID STUPID MORONS.

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