• boat / fishing trip horse riding go to a sporting event (horse racing, football match etc) go-karting
  • Try GoKarting, excellent fun, plenty of excitement, not alot of danger & definitely no alcohol.
  • Boating would be fun~! How about a car racing lesson, or paintball
  • 12-20-2016 Sponsor a picnic. Wear a frilly dress like Mary Poppins.
  • I celebrated my 20th birthday by going clubbing with my sisters and friends. It was 1997 and I was wearing my brand new Spice Girls-style platform boots. You don't have to drink alcohol if you don't want to. They do serve fruit juices in night clubs as well, for those who would rather not get drunk.
  • Twentieth birthdays are genuinely such a bother. You're not exactly mature enough to drink, but rather you aren't a youngster any longer. So what precisely would you say you should accomplish for this amazingly ungainly birthday year? Here's some great thoughts to praise deserting your high schooler years and saying "Hi!" to the stunning grown-up years in front of you.So you're not permitted to enjoy a mixed refreshment just yet, yet there's still a lot of nightlife stimulation for individuals beyond 18 years old. Beyond any doubt it may be a bit of demoralizing to not have the 21+ wrist band wrapped around your wrist, however you can even now have an awesome time moving it up with your besties on the move floor. In case you're into the downtown city scene, we recommend hitting the downtown problem areas for some enjoyment on your twentieth birthday
  • Do one of those fake gambling places. They're a lot of fun and people get into it without losing any real money.

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