• He had a high pitched squeeky voice?
    • Urban Spaceman
  • He had a disease that made his limbs grow disproprotionatley long
  • There is a story that says that he grew his beard because a little girl told him that his face looked too thin without one.
  • Honest Abe once said - "you're being posi-trolled."++++
  • Abraham Lincoln had a strong interest in new technology and was the only United States President to hold a patent. see this link:
  • That he was left handed?
  • That he had false teeth made out of wood.
  • His voice was annoying.
  • Lincoln was perpetually depressed. It is becoming widely accepted amongst scholars that he was more than likely Bipolar.
  • That when he traveled, he didn't always stay in hotels. Strangers mostly put him up for the night in their home
  • He failed at nearly everything in life, but he never gave up.
  • he was the first president to be assassinated
  • Lincoln had a scar above one of his eyes left by the knife of a river pirate he encountered while rafting on the Mississippi.
  • Abe Lincoln founded the Republican party and simultaneously founded the Modern Civil Rights Movement only to have his opponents the Democrats 120 years later try and claim it as all theirs when it was something history shows they opposed repeatedly through the 1970s and in to the 1980s.
  • I'll give you two. Most people don't really know that Lincoln was actually really good friends with Czar Alexander II of Russia. In fact, it was Alexander who is one of the main reasons for keeping Britain and France from aiding the South during the American Civil War. I don't have a site for back-up, but I went to an exhibit in Milwaulkee that showed the two's correspondence to one another. And the second is that Lincoln is the first president (and perhaps the first person in writing) to say/write "the United States is..." (which he began doing during and after the Civil War). Up until that time, because people were still used to thinking highly of the states' individual power and freedoms everyone typically said/wrote "the United States are...".
  • Lincoln had a son, Willie who died in 1862 of bilious fever, probably caused by contamination of the White House drinking water. Also, John Wilkes Booth's brother once saved the life of Abraham Lincoln's son.
  • He had a rather large wart on his nose
  • Yes, he had Marfane's Syndrome, I think it's called, where your arms are longer from finger tip to finger tip than your height. Causes joint problems and heart problems.
  • When he was young, after a sermon at church, he would often stand on a tree stump and mimic the sermon given by the pastor/minister. This is a more widely known fact, but he never joined a church and was rather against organized religion. He also said something(don't remember the exact quote) about wishing Brigham Young would just leave him alone.
  • He was accused of being two-faced and responded, "if I had two faces would I wear this one?"
  • He was on the $5.00 dollar bill.
  • He was the same height as me, 6'4".
  • Have ever gone to visit a special a place that was a part of your youth? I am having a tough time trying to sort of my now, and it is having to leave some thing that was always there, but it is the fact that I have only come to appreciate in the last while.I am having to leave this place that I am starting to miss already. I have learned a lesson, and that is to never wish time away, whether it is shitty or whether it is pure bliss, it all goes away at the same time. Some people belive that time flyes away when you are having fun, this is not true, because before one knows it, the blinking light on our hands blinks at the same rate for every one on Logan's run World
  • 3/8/2023, Abraham Lincoln was the tallest of all the US presidents at 6'4".
  • He started the War of Northern Aggression because his largest tax base seceded from the Union then blamed it on slavery. Slavery was an issue but not the main issue until Lincoln had to have a reason for his war. He then dictated laws for a foreign country.
  • He was a wrestler.
  • He was a wrestler.
  • He was a wrestler.
  • He was a wrestler.
  • He was a wrestler.
  • He was a wrestler.
  • 8/8/2023, a sculpture of Abraham Lincoln’s head is carved into Mount Rushmore.
  • He was born on the same day of the same year as Lincoln Rawls.
  • I can, but it's a bit of a doozy. There are a strange number of circumstantial coincidences between Lincoln and former president Kennedy. Both have seven letter last names. One was the first president to be assassinated, one was the most recent. Both were shot in the head on a Friday- but Lincoln was shot by a man in a theater who hid in a barn, and Kennedy was shot by a man in a book depository who hid in a theater. Both assassins were known by their full first, middle, and last names consisting of a total of 15 letters. Both of their assassins were shot and killed shortly after their capture. Both presidents were elected to congress in '46 and elected president in '60. Both of their vice presidents were southerners named Johnson and both VP's were born in '08. Both presidents married women who were over a decade younger than themselves. Both are commonly associated with civil rights, particularly racial equality. And all of those coincidences are pretty much superficial.

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