• Oh yeah, havent you heard? Being a rude, obnoxious person is sooooo in right now :-/
  • Yes. it does surprise me. I would love to be called "nice" and "kind" Mind you, if they were expecting to hear that you liked them, and you said they were "nice and kind", perhaps i can see why theymight be a little hurt - especially if they expected something along the lines of "exhilerating" and "you take my breath away"
  • Some people are just very uncomfortable receiving compliments! It's an insecurity thing. It doesn't surprise me.
  • No. A lot of people do mean that when they call someone nice/kind because they can't think of anything else to say or something.
  • I'm not surprised by it as I've found some people assume that nice is what you call someone when they are being rejected, as in, you're a nice girl, but.... I think that being nice and kind is a good thing, but maybe when it's been turned upon people to mean they aren't good enough it might 'feel' something different to them.
  • The minute I hear that from a woman, the relationship is over and I'm out of there.
  • Nope. Nothing about an individual's interpretation of words surprises me. That is why we argue all the time. Right after Honesty on my list of necessary qualities comes Kindness. I value that word greatly. If someone believes that being nice or kind means you think they are boring, I wonder what such words as love, truth, honor and appreciation mean to them! :(
  • It does surprise me!!! May be they felt that you were mocking them,that you don't take them seriously. Or maybe they were expecting something else and were so impatient to hear it!!
  • Maybe he really liked you and thought this was a nice way of say you're not interested in him.
  • no, that dont surprise me but thats no reason to get offended
  • thats weird that they thought that way
  • no, that dont surprise me
  • no, im not surprised at the way people react

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