• A faulty meter, not enough blood on the d-stick, not inserted correctly, or out of date tabs. Check the date on the lower bottom part of the container, Scrappy. Or on the bottom, depending on the brand.
  • How did that person even test their sugar or was it done for them? The test strip was probably bad or the meter was off. The only other reason would be that the insulin dose was too high.
  • Blood sugar levels will be higher after meals so it is always best to wait 90 minutes after eating and ideally it should be less than 10mmol/l. If you notice that the blood sugar is at a constant high you need to inform your doctor.
  • Is there a chance that the strips were not properly coded with the meter ? Also; the alchol has to be totally dry before injecting or it can give a false reading . The time from when you ate and then tested should at least be an hour . Good Luck !
  • An error with the meter or test strip. Blood sugars in the twenties are borderline diabetic coma. An accurate blood sugar reading of 25 AFTER lunch would imply a lower one before lunch and the person would not have been conscious to eat lunch.
  • Being hypoglycemic without having diabetes would do that.
  • That person must have taken a very "sweet" lunch. My good friend registered 16 after taking a few pieces of fruit cake and other sweet dessert after his lunch.
  • could be taking too much meal coverage insulin.
  • There are 2 settings to the meters. One European and the other American. You may have been on the wrong setting. My Grandmother is diabetic and made that mistake. 25 in European setting is high in the US it is low. If you just ate, expect it to be high.
  • Not sure whether or not you are American, in which case the measurements are different. If you are American, then I would assume that 20 or 25 would be a very low blood sugar reading. If so, this indicates that either (a) you are not eating enough or (b) you are having too much insulin. If you are using mmols then the reading is very high, and indicates that (a) you are eating too much carbohydrate or (b) you are not having enough insulin. There can be other factors involved though. It would be wise to ask your doctor without letting it go on too long.

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