• i thought it was easy, some people make it look so easy.
  • If it was easy it wouldnt be worth having :).
  • It isn't? Oh.
  • Fear. Fear is the opposite of love.
  • Because you need to sacrifice a lot when you are in love.
  • There's a battle going on inside ourselves before we attach ourself to another; the same holds true with them. Our hearts are held out to be hurt in the others' imperfections but holding on can provide deeper understanding that only the things of love could provide; growth.
  • Anything in life that is important to you is going to feel impossible on a regular basis. Just in the end all of the hardships, tears, fights, arguements, nights that you felt bad, and everything in between is worth it.
  • Because when you're in love your mind tends to be all muddled. You are not thinking clearly when you're in love, and that adds to the difficulty, along with the avalanche of emotions that come with being in love.
  • Because people are not perfect.
  • Tempus is right, you do need to sacrifice a lot. Sometimes you need to put the other person's priority in front of yours, you have to be mature enough and unselfish enough to want what's best for both of you. With so many blended families and financial problems today, there is a lot more sacrifice involved in relationships.
  • It has never nor will it ever be easy to be in love, it involves your greatest and deepest feelings thus the difficulty in such a relationship. This is why you must choose the right person and give all you can to that other person no matter what sacrifices you need to make but only and as long as the other person loves you likewise.
  • it's not easy because there is so much to be expected from you and because ykou will always get your heart broken.
  • ...Love...should be easy. Its free, honest, truthful, faithful, and patient sometimes ruff patches come along, but becuase you love that will come up with a fast and simple solution that will turn out positive. If love is hard, and you really havta work on it...and stive...and keep it alive...then somebody in the relationship needs to realize what "LOVE" is about. becuase if they loved you, they would do everything in there power to make you happy...and visa versa. if that means change, let go, or ask...but the main thing is communication. Without that...your Love is heading twords failure. So take a good luck at your relationship...and see if what you or he/she is doing is doing it out of love...or if things are being done out of Greed, anger, spite, deception, and if money is getting in the way....if so...fix it. or leave it. You and your spouses "true happiness" is at state...either with each other, or with another...figure it out and do what is best for both of you...remember LOVE IS SIMPLE selfishness is doom
  • Because it's the greatest thing. You have to learn to be worth it. And work on it.
  • because u have to work at it
  • It can be easy....yes, hard work is often called for, but not always....sometimes love "just is" and it works well.
  • Because others hate the happiness you are expressing through your actions and they are jealous and do all they can to make love miserable for you as misery loves company.
  • Nothing "worth it" is ever easy. Never.
  • Because love is only a feeling slipping away....atleast says "the darkness"
  • Being in love is impossible, Falling is love is possible!

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