• Some stories have it the Romulus killed Remus, and others say Remus died in battle. However Remus departed, Romulus lived on to give his name to Rome. It's also unclear how Romulus died. The story simply says he was surrounded in a thunder storm and gone. Did he die of a lightning strike or get vacuumed up by a tornado?
  • Romulus killed Remus that is why the City is called Rome.
  • Romulus slew Remus over a dispute about which one of the two brothers had the support of the local deities to rule the new city and give it his name. The name they gave the city was Rome. Supposedly, Romulus had stood on one hill and Remus another, and a circle of birds flew over Romulus, signifying that he should be king. After founding Rome, Romulus not only created the Roman Legions and the Roman Senate, but also added citizens to his new city by abducting the women of the neighboring Sabine tribes, which resulted in the mixture of the Sabines and Romans into one people. Romulus would become ancient Rome's greatest conqueror, adding large amounts of territory and people to the dominion of Rome. ---------------------------------------------------- Source : ----------------------------------------------------
  • I think Romulus was the winner and that is why the city in which he lived is called Rome. Its been a long time since I read that story and different religions may have a different story line.
  • have no idea, never heard of them

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