• The GED is a test that guarantees the test taker has successfully obtained a minimum of skills. A high school diploma suggests a broader skill set and a higher degree of mastery. Neither are a good barometer of future success.
  • In addition to what Someguy said, a GED suggests a lack of commitment since the person did not stay in school long enough to complete it. That is also why a GED is less valueable to some employers. A high school diploma suggests more commitment since you stayed in school long enough to complete it. I know that not every one who gets their GED does so because they were not committed to finishing school and that there are legitimate reasons for why a person might have to drop out of school before they finish, but there are a lot of teenagers who drop out of school just because they don't want to be there, which shows their lack of commitment to education which does not tell a college that the student will be committed to education there either.
  • It does not require you to have learned as much as what a high school diploma requires.
  • they might see it as a symbol of a lack of commitment and not understand that there are various circumstances that may lead someone to get a GED rather than finish high school
  • First of all, its crazy for a college to not accept a GED because the most recent studied showed that 39% of students in the US today that graduate from high school cannot even pass the GED. The GED by no standards is an easy test.

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