• Unfortunately, yes, seems like a Diabetis is a polygamist and can't commit to a one on one relationship
  • I know 4. I am sure I know others too but can't think of it.
  • I have 3 friends, a nephew and a coworker who I know have diabetes. There are probably more. All of them seem to be doing okay.
  • Yes and they do fine with it all but one and that is because he does not take care with the sugar.
  • I know one person living with diabetes right now.
  • My partner is. Although it has minimal impact with a carefully controlled diet and insulin. 6 of my close friends are diabetic. 10 members of my family are. Several work colleagues and probably more in my extended circle of friends. Very common now it would seem.
  • I was going to say yes, but now that I think of it I only know 2, both of who are really good friends. My grandmother passed away last July and she was also diabetic.
  • Yes, seems like everyone I know have diabetic. Statistically, I believe 10% of the population are diabetic
  • Yes, I do. Including me it will be six.
  • Yes, I do. Including me it will be more than five. At my age I tend to have people with diabetes as friends.
  • Yes, I do. Including me it will be more than five. At my age I tend to have people with diabetes as friends.
  • Yes,I do.
  • Yes I do...
  • No, I don't
  • YES, i work at a clinic and i see hundreds daily, but what i am finding is these people are not living well with diabetes, it seems like diabetes is living with them, and has taken over their space, these people i see dont take care of themselves, so thats why i feel this way. my dad has it, but is doing well, lost weight, does not eat after 7pm, walks alot and has all his toes, he had to put the donuts down, but he did it.
  • I don't know anyone with diabetes.
  • Yes as there is diabetes on both sides of my family, my sister has it, my father had it before he died, have 3 friends in class who have it, 2 close friends who have died from it, 2 other family members on hubby's side who have it and I just learned in Dec I'm pre-diabetic, so far I have been able to control mine with diet and excise, I lost 20 lbs and hope to lose more, last blood work Dr. was much happier with me.
  • Yes I do, it runs in my family on both sides my sister has it and is on insulin, my father had it before he died. Have 3 friends in class, 2 family members on hubbys side and a couple close friends who have pasted. This last Dec. I found out that I am pre-diabetic myself and had to make some big changes or I would be going down same road as many others and may yet some day but for now with diet change and excise I have lost 20 lbs, Dr is much happier and blood work says I'm doing better so for now I will just keep working at losing more weight and controlling my diet.
  • I do not currently know anyone who has it, Zack. Many years ago I had a friend whose mom had diabetes..the mom had gone blind and was facing amputation of her foot. Oh..and Jim's doctor thought he might have it and tested him various times over a period of a few months..turned out the doctor was wrong. Do you know many people who have it?
  • There are 6 people in my family alone that have diabetes. My mom and I both have diabetes and we went to a diabetic cooking class a couple of years ago and met several people in the area dealing with it and have stayed friends with many of them. So yes, I know more than 5 people.
  • Quite a few more than 5 actually, including my partner and myself. In addition to those I know personally (Type 1 and 2) there are tons of people in the diabetes forums online in which I participate.

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