• forget about him! men who cheat will always cheat and should be avoided at all costs!
  • QUIT obsessing over a CHEATER , as he WILL Cheat AGAIN ... given the opportunity. Why do you always want to be sitting around wondering IF he is really out with a friend OR if he is out CHEATING on you ? You deserve better . Forget this loser and find someone who will teat you with the dignity and respect that you deserve and that includes being faithful.
  • you may love him but if he cheats on you-he doesnt love you sorry
  • Decide what you want. If you decide you want to deal with him you have to acknowledge and accept who he is and what he is about. If not then hopefully you will find someone who is not a player.
  • Forget him.. You dumped him for a reason and you know that reason. There is no reason to ask us unless you just wish to punish yourself. ;)
  • Give him a kick to the curve and find you another guy cause a cheater Is always a cheater.
  • find other things to think about! go out, meet new people, remember how exciting a first kiss can be! go out and crush on someone new, that won't cheat on you!
  • Grl u know that he got to b with some one else so just forget him, im a player my self or atleast i used to think until i falled in love then i realized that u do not know what u got until u loose it. and for that asshole u love forget him there still ore neighbors up front. and remember just keep it real and b jour self. thats what i do...
  • Well if you like being one of many go back to the loser. You should be glad your done with him but no you want to be miserable. Oh well enjoy
  • Well if you like being one of many go back to the loser. You should be glad your done with him but no you want to be miserable. Oh well enjoy. I don't feel sorry for you not in the circumstances. You need to open your eyes
  • make him want you instead. act like you love someone totally different. dont tell him who it is though, give him a real challenge.
  • Your not in love with him, you're in love with what you want him to be. Instead of thinking about his smile and wit, thing about him mounting another woman and going home and mounting you 30 minutes later without even showering.
  • Lucky you, you caught him before years of your life were gone. This will fade. Stay close with friends, go out do things keep busy. You'll meet someone nice before you know it.:) I know you are in pain, it hurts, I know((((HUG)))))
  • I would compare it to my craving for food when I'm on a diet. Just because I crave an ice cream sunday when I'm watching my weight doesn't mean I should have it. The best thing you can do for yourself is start treating yourself kindly. You can reconnect with old friends, try a new hobby or sport, learn an instrument, etc. Sometimes, the more we try NOT to think about someone or something, the MORE we think about it or them. Best to replace it with something positive you can do for yourself.
  • You used the word "player" which means that he is not ready for a relationship. I have been there and you can not change someone who doesn't want to be changed. It may be in your best interest to let it go for now. If its meant to be your paths will cross again but for now take care of you.
  • Player = immature, selfish, self obsessed pillock!! If you want to be with someone like that then you go for it!
  • A big heartache.
  • Consider yourself lucky you found out this now instead of down the road when it would be too late. If he cheated once, what makes you think he won't cheat again? Chalk this up to expwerience and a "learning experience".
  • I'd say count your blessing you found out early and not later, when it could be more devastating.
  • NOOO please don't!! NEVER go back to a cheater! That's the worst thing you can EVER do to a person besides rape. I will never go back to a cheater. and i will never cheat in my life. take it from a girl who has had 22 relationships and has been cheated on 14 times.
  • he was cheating but you make it obvious he was doing a great job on something else for you to be still thinking about him
  • Once a cheater, always a cheater... for the most part. If he cheated on you, he most likely will do it again. Especially if he isn't trying hard to even get back with you. Let him go, you deserve better. You will find someone worth your time that won't treat on you. :)
  • I had the same, we were lovers for 2 1/2 years, he did it to me over and over again, I gave him several new chances, and just cought him again last week...and I know now he will never change.. They are hunters..and woman are fair game to them.. every woman is fair game to them and they wont stop or change.. He isnt showing you the real him, he is being what he wants to be..he is being what you want him to be.. a romantic.. the perfect man..a man that says the right things at the right time.. almost to good to be true... They have make you fall in love with them so you do what they want, so they get what they want, your needs dont count at all to them.. Ask yourself he attentive to you..does he do little things for you that shows he really is aware of the things that matter to you... does he send or give you "stupid" little things that he knows will make you laugh, or that says "I know you would love this".. Does he share personal things with you..does he tell you story's about his childhood...does he ask questions about yours...does he want to know about you, your dreams and hopes for the future... Does he show interest in your work, your life, your family.. does he tell you his desires, what he has planned for the future.. When he takes you out to dinner or go to the movies or what ever.. who pays the bill..does he or do you..because most of them think they deserve it that you do that.. Does he ever do something spontanious to surprise you.. A player doesnt care about all these things, he only wants to talk about the things that HE has an interest for.. he really doesnt want to know about your day, your life, your family.. He wont get into a deep conversation with you, because he doesnt care. When you tell him something that matters to you, does he remember that, or has he forgotten about that in a few days? He will call ( IF he does, or do you call him all of the time? ) and when he has what he wanted, he says he has to go..something came up...or he has no time for you at that perticular moment..could you call back later ? They cant set any dates in the long run, because something better may come along.. They dissapount you time and time again, forgetting special occasions, your birthday, your anniversary, you name it, and do you know why..thay have several woman at the same time and cant remember everything about every woman they have at that time These man are only after one thing..get as much sex as they can..and it doesnt matter with whom...its a sexual addiction.. and they really dont care who they use for that, or whom they hurt with doing so... They are not capable of having "real feelings" for a person, because they care for only one person, themselfs. They are vain, selfich, mostly very well dressed, for they feel the need to be better then everyone else, they look down at woman, and think they are so much better, they are really smooth talkers, they know just what to say at what time.. And once they know you have figured them out,, they loose all interest in you and move on to their next "pray", they stop being attentive, they stop doing things for you completely..its like you have become air to them, and you have.. They have forgotten about you completely the next day.. They dont even try to make up.. They dont feel any guilt that they have done what they did, they think all victims deserve that, because we were so stupid to let it happen in the first place ( serves us right uhh ? ) The only thing they feel sorry about, is that they got cought, that we see trough them at one time, and they can no longer pray from you.. Let him go, you are to good for him, he never cared and he never will.. You are just one of many, because they have woman lined up for them, usualy 3 to 4 at the same time.. They need that to prove their "all man " prove their manhood, because they have a very low self asteem.. Run from him girl, he isnt worth you, you can do so much better. I know you keep thinking about him all of the time, he was your 'Mr Right" or seemed that way to you, your perfect match, your friend your lover, your soulmate, your everything, but that isnt what he was, that isnt him at all. Its an act they play..with you as their audience.. Or are you willing to keep on getting hurt time and time again ? for he will never change.. Are you willing to live with the doubts that will be there all of the time, if you are the only one. Are you willing to be used, untill you have no self asteem know he will distroy that time and time again... Are you willing to feel inadequate for as long as you have a "relationship" with him.. Are you willing to feel "not good enough for him" the rest of that time..because you are doing all you can for him, and you will never be enough, for why would he keep looking for someone else when you do all you can, being all you can be..FOR HIM.. Where do you see yourself in that.. Where are your needs.. They arent worth it...
  • You called him a PLAYER and you still can't get him off your mind? Is he physically attractive or something? What about funny? What about popular? What about a guy who knows what to say to girls to get them to like him? None of these things are good enough reasons to just sweep his cheating under the rug. You haven't mentioned a thing about him being genuinely remorseful. What you need to do is ... stop dwelling on thoughts about him, especially thoughts about him cheating. Do you want to get anywhere in life? Well, then, you need to stop dwelling on those thoughts before they destroy you.
  • Be his friend but dont have sex with him. you cant trust him. who knows where his hands have been.
  • It sounds like you are going to take him back no matter what. You're looking for a "give him another change" comment, not a true advice. Leave him! How do I know? - Women's training camp.

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