• Of course drinking lots of water helps. But I would suggest rubbing some unscented lotion (like Eucerin for example) on your skin after you towel off from your shower. It really makes a difference when you use it on damp skin. That's what I do and it really works for me. I have really dry skin too.
  • I have just started using Garniers Hydrolock moisturising lotion and its great:)
  • Don't soak in the tub or shower! That makes it worse, the water washes away your skin's oils
  • Yes, Mrs. Cleaver (LOL) is right. According to my doctor and my daughter's dermatologist, lotion should be applied to still-damp skin within 3 minutes of leaving the shower. A good lotion (not the waxy crud found at the dollar store) will seal the water in the skin. Use a moisturizing soap like Dove, Caress, or anything with cocoa butter. Also try warm rather than hot showers, and shower every other day. If that is against your personal hygeine code, try to let just one day and night go without a shower. Inside the body, water is necessary for skin moisture and health, but on the exterior, it draws naturally moisturizing oils from the skin, leaving it unprotected.
  • Cocoa butter is wonderful.
  • Shower oil that you apply after the shower while your skin is still damp is wonderful; thick body creams; and this Aquaphor is the best stuff I know of for severe dry skin. It even helps my dad, who is a mechanic, heal the dry cracked skin on his hands. It's a miracle cream.
  • I absolutely love Neutrogena Hand Cream. It works for any body part and I find with one application my skin will stay hydrated for hours - and it's healing too. I used to have hands to dry they would start bleeding, but I used this for a few weeks, and solved the issue. Good luck!

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