• Not much. Playa with a capital P. To be avoided with a capital A. Heed the giant red flag;)
  • Inconsistent lover!
  • Normal. Girls say they "love" men all the time to get what they want.
  • He's a flirt with no seriousness behind him. Then again flirting men might flirt for confidence... but as a woman I believe it to be wrong to love two women, you cannot fully give your heart to one person if you love two.
  • A no good scroundel - with his head between his legs.
  • That's a male harlot!
  • a total a$$hole...ignore him completely!!
  • I work with a guy who does that sort of thing - he's a harmless I guess that's what I think of a dude who does that sort of thing.
  • Other than loving 2 people, I'd call him my ex husband. WARNING- It's not worth it, it really isn't
  • A good stud maybe, but not good marriage material.
  • Honest.
  • Don't be a player hater ... LOL, just kidding!! I would say he's just profoundly insecure. Remember though, not all undsireable traits are bad, any more than everything that is beautiful is good (these are lessons from ancient Greece, b/t/w :-). It can work to your advantage to be "the one" as those insecurities will be handed over to you and the bond that comes from this can be more powerful than any other. Getting to that point, however, may be a long and troubled road so you got to wonder if it's worth it?!
  • Brad!...Maybe you can love more than one person.But not the way you need to to make a good partnership,or marriage.And that is the best kind of love.
  • he is not in love if he still flirts with other woman's. one's he will be in true love his habit of flirting will be gone and he would not even know.
  • Not away, as fast as you can...there is someone much, much better out there waiting for you.
  • reminds me of a song: Who do you believe? Me or your lying eyes? I would think I know the truth despite what his mouth says.
  • I think he prefers variety!
  • well; i think its quite ridiculous! i had a guy like this. Told me he loved me everyday. and yet, everytime i would walk away he would be flirting. Doesnt sound like love to me. But it might just be their personality. im okay with harmless flirting, but if it turns into more.. theres an issue.
  • I think he's a goddamn playboy. if you want some fun for the night do him. if not stay away from him. If he was in love with you he wouldn't have eyes for anyone else except you
  • That's a tough one. Some people are just natural flirts and really don't mean anything by it. Other people are very rigid and won't flirt at all. That rigid person is likely to view the flirt in a bad light but that the flirt is flirting doesn't mean they are a bad person for it depending on who you talk to. Now, as far as the telling two women he loves them??? Tough one. I think you can love more than one person at the same time. Feelings are feelings. You can't always control them. They're natural. Look at this one way and it looks really ugly. Look at it from a different perspective and it doesn't. Without knowing more details it is hard to pass judgement.
  • Desperate. Sick. I think we have a term for that in american society of 2009...that classifys as...a ....Douche Bag?

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