• I have six tattoos, my wife has seven, including about twenty hours worth of work on her back. The thing to remember is, it only hurts whilst it's being done, and the worst is the first couple of minutes, after which there's a curious sensation, quite hot feeling, as your body releases natural pain killers. The worst part for me is the healing process, it itches like mad, but you can't scratch because it will take the ink out of your skin!! It's infuriating!! As long as you eat properly (your body needs the energy to dull the pain), and don't take anything intoxicating (alcohol, cannabis etc) for at least 24 hours before hand, you should cope perfectly well! The only thing you need to be absolutely sure of is, can you live with that image on your skin for the rest of your life? Good luck!
  • You've been through two births and you WANT a tattoo?
  • No it doesnt actually 'hurt'..its uncomfortable..feels like someone scratching you really hard with a needle or something..and afterwards its just itchy for a couple of days.. I'm a right fairy when it comes to pain and i never really had a bad time having them so i think youll be fine...:O)
  • If you're comparing it to a contraction, it's about a 3. I was scared as heck when I got mine done as I'm terrified of needles, but back then (not knowing childbirth) I would have only given it a 5. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.
  • I got a tatoo about 6 months ago. After reading what others said about it, I thought it wouldn't be very painful at all. Perhaps I got it in what was an ultra sensitive area for me, because it hurt pretty bad. It's a good sized tat. Took about 15 minutes. Felt like they kept dragging and digging a needle into me. I'd say it hurt an 8 on your scale. I know many people who had relatively little pain though. It's very individual.
  • Lol. You know that "sharp scratch" when they take a sample of blood from you? Well that is how painful a tattoo is except the "sharp scratch" lasts as long as the tattoo takes to create. From my experiences of pain (I had a needle nick and twinge a nerve in my spinal column during a lumbar puncture (They are not all like that, I have had a total of four and the others were not very painful) and I rate that at 10 as it felt like my leg had been severed. I rate a waxing my legs at 2 and waxing my underarms/bikini at 4. I would rate the pain of my tattoo at about 1 to 2. Of course it depends where you get it, mine was on the fleshy part of my butt. Judging by your experiences (I haven't given birth so don't know how to rate that), you wont find it a problem at all, more of a buzz than painful.
  • If you have gone through all that, a tattoo will be barely noticeable! It depends on which part of the body you get it, but it's very bearable pain.
  • OK this is going to seem weird lol but I found the "pain" quite arrousing <blush> I found it to be more of a hot sensation than a pain. but everyone is different, youll never know till you get one ;)
  • It's no more painful than having a bad graze or a scratch, like when you trip on gravel, if you've had kids then it'll be a doddle!
  • The amount of pain you will have depends on where you get it done. It tends to hurt more on bony parts and hurts less on more fleshy parts. I describe the feeling as someone rubbing something on a sunburn.
  • I think the nervousness and all that makes it worse. I didn't eat before getting my tattoo and I was sooo nervous! It just feels really hot. The outline on my back took 45 mintues... so get a tattoo that you will be able to tolerate or if need be do seperate sessions. After a while I liked the feeling. But I was sure glad when the guy let me get off the chair. The only thing that sucked was that he put alcohol on the tattoo when he was done... OOOUUUUCCCCCHHHH! that hurt the most.
  • ive never had one but i would think it would be painful

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