• To avoid causing bumps and irritaion, make sure your razor is always sharp, shave with the grain and not against. You can also look at your local pharmacy for creams to reduce the risk of ingrowen hairs.
  • This is for a gret leg shave, but it also applies to bikini:
  • Try a Depilatory like NAIR for the bikini area , no bumps, no razor nicks, lasts longer and no bristles
  • read this tutorial. Fixed my irritation problems
  • Try using any type of lotion that moisturizes your skin. Whenever i shave i put lotion on and dont get any bumps. If i ever skip putting lotion on after shaving i do get shave bumps.
  • I used to use a lotion I bought on I wax now but used to get those damn bumps until I bought the cream
  • Always, always, always shave in the direction of the hair growth - totally gets rid of the bumps - promise.
  • don't do it when the car is moving, and leave the kids at home. That will solve both bumps AND irritation. Seriously: use Veet.
  • Like a previous answer, the best idea would be to use an unscented lotion that contains no forms of alcohol or any type of "acid" in the ingredients. A moisturizing lotion would be your best bet in that department. This is best if you don't want to spend a ton of money on specialized creams. Also, baby powder seems to keep sharp freshly shaven hairs from causing irritation.
  • I tried everything and nothing worked until I started using "Neosporin." I thought i would just give it a try and I haven't any problems since!
  • 12-29-2016 Wash your skin with soap and water. This is not to get it clean, although it does that, but to break the surface tension. It's like when you shampoo: the first application doesn't foam much, but the second foams like crazy. Breaking surface tension allows the hair and the skin to get wetter. Apply your favorite lather and shave, stroking the way the hair grows. Rinse. Lather again and shave again, stroking the opposite direction. Careful, there is no drag at all and it's easy to take off a layer of skin. Rinse and dry. This simple trick makes a razor last so long you will forget when you got it. However, it works best if you have soft water. If your water is hard, consider using bottled water for shaving. Don't snivel about the cost of new razors. They are cheap, and you are getting maximum value for money with this method. Get a new razor to start and replace it occasionally. About the lather: it's not very important. I shaved for years using the same product I used to wash my dishes.
    • Jewels Vern
      Another thing I should have mentioned: Get a Wahl Cordless Mustache Trimmer at any drug store. As the first step, cut all hair down to stubble length (no attachment). The razor works much better on stubble.

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