• How many times! I had a dream a few nights ago that I got shot in the liver and I woke up with bad pain on that area. One dream I will never forget is this one time I had an encounter with the Grand master Bruce Lee! lol he kicked my ass all over the place and left me with bruises and scratches. When I woke up, I had deep scratch marks on my abdominal region.
  • no - but i have a dream that i think everyone ive asked has had the same dream - i dream that im falling off a cliff and just before i reach the bottom i wake up but i still feel like im falling - its wierd - some people say that if you reach the bottom a family member will die! - luckily i havn't yet!
  • Not quite like that, but it's not unusual. It's the bridge that you walk over to wake up, in a sense. Have you ever had someone scream at you in a dream, only to wake up just after to someone elses voice, yelling at you to wake up? It's a bit like that. You probably just rolled onto an uncomfortable position, and that was transformed into a broken arm or leg in the dream.

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