• I use Velcro in my automobile. I have a strip of it on the dashboard. On the back of cell phone, notebook, pen, etc. i put the mating piece. This makes it simple to keep these things handy. I don't use them while driving, but this makes using them much easier and faster when i stop and lets me get back on the road more quickly.
  • velcro is awesome i use it on everything that needs to stick somewhere
  • To keep artwork on the wall. And to keep my wig in place.
  • I use it to keep electrical cords and cables organized.
  • Yes to hang my man on when he misbehaves!!...not really I haven't got one, oh! maybe that's why I haven't got one!!!!
  • Yes to hang my man up when he mis-behaves.....not really, I don't have one, oh! but maybe that's why I don't!!
  • I been using velcro lately on my invention. You mount it on the rafters, then put your bird feed on it, and it catches all the bird seeds. Tmaterial that holds the birdseeds I use velcro on.
  • everything clipboards, certain tools,elctrical cords but to wrap up keep them neat, i do the car thing also good way keep radar detecter from moving hate those suction cups never works same for serius radio thingy,my fishing poles that set up put around hook part so hook comes off still stay there, sometimes tackle box also depends what kind of fishing box it is used for and many many other things lol
  • no, but I need to get some for my couch cushions, so the dog will stop pulling them off, lol!
  • I have a dozen cloth diapers with Velcro tabs. ^_^
  • I have one pair of sneakers that fasten w/ velcro
  • I keep my eyelids closed at night with it and my brain stuck to the inside of my head when i wake up ;)
  • Eyelids closed at night...Brain stuck to inside of skull in morning.. yep..dandy stuff!
  • Yah, and it makes a great cockring as well!
  • edit out..hit the answer button instead of comment.. DOH!
  • Ya bad velcro isn't sold in ways where you can select either super grip, weak grip, etc.. Most stores have a very limited selection of velcro types. I had a strap used to hold things down on my truck that used velcro and it was darn strong.. I had to use pliers to get it apart! Try that on a diaper.. the poor kid would be yanked apart changing diapers LOL
  • For practical jokes, Take a strip of Velcro to the store with you. Stand by some stranger, When they bend over to pick something up, Rip the velcro apart. Watch their faces when they think they split their pants. Works everytime.

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