• Equilibrium is the process of multiple energetic systems with differing overall energy values coming into balance with one another. It is related to the thermodynamic idea of "Entropy" which is the process of systems reaching equilibrium. The easiest example is a glass of ice water; the ice, the water and the room it is in all are distinct systems with differing energy values (based largely on temperature). Given enough time and the process of entropy, these systems will eventually come into equilibrium - or will equalize in their energy value. The ice will melt becoming the same as the water itself and eventually the water will warm to "room temperature". Rate of diffusion is an energy concept for how quickly energy is shed from a system. How quickly ice melts is its rate of diffusion - which is similar to entropy or its rate from order to disorder.
  • Imagine two jars both filled with marbles, now say one jar has about 10marbles while the other has 20marbles.diffusion would be when u have some of the marbles in the jAr containing 20 marbles move to the jar with 10marbles. Now this is related to equilibrium because it is the balance of molecules due to diffusion. In equilibrium the molecules(marbles) would remain evenly distributed but the molecules would not stop moving, they would continue moving back and forth but keeping the same amount of energy distributed between both sides.

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