• "Hi!" No seriously, say hi. any conversation after that will come naturally
  • Well, something that you don't want to say, is "Hey I like you" or something like that because she'll think you're a stalker or a freak or something. So start off by saying hi and tell her your name. Maybe if she plays some sports or is in some clubs, you could join or you could talk to her and say hmm I like this too. And then just talk about stuff, compliment her on her hair or something. And then perhaps hang out at lunch together.
  • Make it a point to be around her or be near her as much as possible. After that, its easy to come up with something just in order to break the ice. That's the easy thing. Say for instance you know she's going to go see the school play, and you show up also. During intermission; "Wow, this play is pretty great so far. You think its any good?" Something simple and easy, just to get her talking. Once she notices that you're there, its cake! Aside from the nerves, and all...but if you want a chance with her, thats something that you'll just have to suck up and do! Good luck!
  • "My name Tim Pitt, I'm Brad Pitts' brother."
  • Worrying about what to say is the wrong tactic... The words aren't nearly as important as what's going on with YOU internally while you're with someone else and talking to them. Chances are good you're nervous, yes? Unsure of how to be, concerned about whether you'll look or sound stupid, or whether she'll like you, filled with images and ideas about how it will turn out, and so forth... If that sounds familiar, this is for you -- if not, you can go on to the other answers. The trick to being able to be with girls and relax is learning to be aware of your internal "noise" without trying to fix it or make it go away. It's like there are two movies going on simultaneously: there's what's happening outside of yourself (the other person, the conversation, etc.) and then there's what's going on INSIDE yourself (your own thoughts, feelings, body sensations, nervousness). In order to be FREE and able to be yourself in the presence of someone you're attracted to, you have to learn how to watch both of these movies at the same time and not get lost in either one of them. If you get caught up in your internal dialog and stop paying attention to what the other person is saying or doing, it will seem to them like you're not really "there". On the other hand, if you get preoccupied with what is happening in the conversation and lose track of your own thoughts and feelings, you'll suddenly find yourself just being led around by her and unable to find anything worth saying of your own. So this takes some practice: the good news is you can practice on everyone you talk to, you don't have to walk right up to your crush and try it out. This is called "awareness practice", by the way: learning to just be aware without being driven by the need to control. When you can do that, you can relax, be yourself, and just allow the conversation to flow naturally -- and not be worried about the "right" thing to say.
  • "Hey, my name is John. i have waited for three years for you to say something to me and its never happened. our time is about over here in school and we are going in different directions. before we go, i have got to get this off my chest. for three years, i have watched you walk down the halls, talk to the other guys, date other people and now i gotta know.....can i take you to the mall one nite? remember, todays answer is not no."
  • Ohh my I have the same problem...
  • Hi, we are both in this school and I love you from the last three years, can we just talk for three minutes.
  • Hi. Do you realize the two of us have been around here for 3 years and never met and I thought it was about time. I am ________. Nice to meet you.
  • Just say "Hi". If you have anything in commmon, like the same classes or friends, you could talk about those things. She might be thinking she'd like to talk to you too!!! Don't be shy! Good luck.
  • just say hiya and if you know her well and you have a nickname for her between you and her, is good to say it be relax and don't think of what to say, just be your self and treat her as if she's your best mate or something. be random but not don't overdose and tell her a little joke and make her chuckle then go on from there use your hands and such while you talk more physical movements is good. complimenting is also great too to start a conversation like this: You: heyhey Girl: hiyya You: how are you then ? Girl:I'm great thank you, you ? You:i'm kool thanks You: so wubu2 yesterday? Girl: nmr sat at home all day laugh then sayy me too or what you actually did or say things like i was trying to get hold of you but coudn't Girl: aww bless ya then is normaly the silent awkward bit where you just have to compliment her like You: hey ____(girl's name) your hair's well nice todayy Girl: thanks You: hey your eyes look beautiful todayy and your your mascara looks well nice, can i just have a deep look at you eyes :P remember just be yourself and say things to her as if she's your best mate for years and treat her as your best friend, give her hugs and always have a nice smile :D please comment and tell me your result after you've followed this
  • Well if you wait much longer graduation is going to make even an attempt useless. You can't walk up and stick yourself in her face and come on strong. You'll scare her silly. Start smiling at her when you see her, nod your head hello, comment on the weather, tell her pretty blouse, sweater, dress, skirt whatever and keep walking. The idea is to get her to say hi back or smile when she sees you coming. Once that happens stop for a minute and chat. Then once mention that with your schedules it's hard to talk so would she like to have lunch together or go for coffee so you can both have a real conversation. Good luck and stop wasting time!
  • you could start by saying hi to her

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