• A blender, for soups :-)
  • Fry Daddy...Anything that requires a good frying.
  • Toaster for toast
  • George Foreman Debtahals :D
  • toaster oven for toast, beagal bites, pizza, etc. the food u put in there tastes better than in a microwave and takes the same amount of time to heat up. (of course you can't put soup in there) I also use a crock pot for beef, stew, turkey. any meat i cook in there always tastes tender
  • crock pot for currys, stews,chicken legs, steamer for fresh veg, pressure cooker for stews as well spuds.
  • i use my dishwasher to make fish. u put all the spices on the fish and then wrap it up nicely in aluminum foil. u put it in ur dishwasher and turn it to the hottest water setting. the end result tastes pretty good!
  • Electric Wok-great for stir fries
  • I have a bread machine and a rice machine, I use them all the time, and a foreman grill (works great)
  • Crock pots, rice cooker, toaster, waffle irons, blenders, mixers, grill, smoker, larger roaster (21 quart), fryer
  • Waffle Iron for waffles, rice cooker for rice, crock pot slow cookers for great stews, potato soup, any kind of soup that needs to set and stew to blend all the tastes, etc.
  • We here in South India must have our Dosa, Idli and Vada. For these rice and pulses must be ground wet. So a wet grinder is must for all South Indian homes. In the olden days these used to be ground on manual ginding stones. Motorised wet grinders came into the market some 40 years back. We grinders come in two models. The regulsr large models and the table top models. We have both in our kitchen. In the pictures I have given the first two are table top and the last is the regular model.
  • Wow, I'm blown away by how many appliances people have!I work in a commercial kitchen where we have everything that opens and closes but at home I keep it simple - a coffee grinder, mortar and pestle (for herbs), an electric tin opener and a blender. I cook almost exclusively Italian/Indonesian/Chinese food because that's the cultural mix in the house.
  • We have a blender we never use..a bread machine I haven't used since we moved here (November 18, 2007)..our toaster broke several months ago so we use the oven broiler to toast things. So I guess nothing...the oven,stovetop and microwave are our only sources..well, my hands of, trimming, chopping, stir frying, slicing/dicing/etcetera with the use of my favorite knives! :)
  • Toaster, electric can opener and a hot water dispenser that I use everyday for instant coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate and cup-o-noodles.

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