• It's near the McDonald Observatory.
  • It has the Boston Common, America's oldest major city park.
  • I live in Ashtead - the largest village in Europe. (no lie!)
  • Outside of France, Montreal is the largest city in the world with French as its main language.
  • L>S Lowery the artist was born and raised here, he painted his first paintings here.:)
  • my city is famous for han embroidery called zari-it is famous not in india only but all over world-u wonder that zari gave lot of money to my city-poor peoples became rich-many illiterate persons became goes goes to europe n usa canada too-my many friends visit foreign.very cheap here.a dress in only 1 dolor in my city but 100 dollor in usa.-and a girl in my city was miss world in 2008 priyanka chopra.nowadays she is top actress in movie-her father is very close to my family.5
  • The section of the community I live in, is an island.
  • Well, I actually live in the country but the town nearest me is host to the Old Threshers Reunion, where steam fans gather for train rides and to watch old time threshing machines work...camping, exhibits, vendors, food! My hubby used to engineer the steam train there in fact.
  • One attraction we have here in Auckland, is Kelly Tarltons Underwater World and Antarctica Adventure ~ It was built under the waterfront on the edge of the harbour, and is truly under sea level, which I just happen to think is pretty cool!
  • The Government House Building close to where I live has been the venue for more changes of elected Government during the last 60 years than any other country. . The police force here generally commit more crimes than the people they arrest.
  • The Chism Trail ran right through downtown
  • Hollywood. It is a neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles that is known for its iconic sign and the Walk of Fame.
  • It is on a main route to Yosemite. 2/26/24
  • I live around the corner from Bruce Springsteen.

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