• ...I think maybe because they want people to have something to do...I notice there are many older folks working at Wal-Mart...and I like many of our elders are lonely, shunned in a society that worships youth...& greeting people just makes you feel good & has a sense of purpose. I think it is sad the way elders are treated, especially in the so many other cultures, the elders are respected & consulted for their wisdom...
  • it's a psychological thing to make people feel like they belong. It's the only thing that counteracts the cold, unnerving, menacing vibrations of the whole dehumanizing walmart experience.
  • What lube is to anal sex - Wal-Mart greeters are to customers.
  • Well the greeters also tag your stuff when you return it, and check your receipt when you leave. I think its great Wal-Mart hires the elderly and down syndrome to do that job...but they suck in every other way =S
  • To give them little old people something to do & a little cash to do it with.
  • I believe they serve two purposes: The first purpose is simply for marketing. It humanizes the store. How can it be a huge, money-making, heartless corporation if it has a 75 year old cute old man standing there saying hi? It's really a great idea. Second, it probably discourages shoplifters from brazenly taking larger ticket items out the front door.
  • I have no idea why but it is rather a nice touch to give people a job when the classier stores do not bother.
  • For loss prevention.
  • I really don't know!
  • To make people feel they are welcome. Greeters are also observers. They see who comes in and out and can report any suspicious character if needed. The fact that they are usually elderly or handicap people, serves the purpose of giving these experienced people the chance to observe the clients that walk in and out without making people, specially those with dubious intentions, feel less threatened.
  • its a feel good story ---- everyone loves a good morning before you put your money out
  • I think it is partially greeters and partially security.
  • This is a win-win situation for WalMart. It gives the handicapped and elderly a job. And, they can give the alarm, if a crime occurs near the entrance.
  • Apparently so the customers have someone to trample to death.(I'm being sarcastic.)
  • God bless them greeters! They are the nicest bunch of folks! Anything that helps employement I am all for it, when that little ping goes off as you walk out the doors they calmly ask you to open your bags rather then tackle your ass and put you in a head lock shouting you shoplifter! Hoorayyyyyyyyyyyy for the Greeters we should have a day on the calendar for them, make it National Holiday just because they are all so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol They really are too! lol
  • I've heard that they found it cuts down considerably on shop lifting.
  • The Wal-Mart store in Crowley,La. opened in 1980. Not long after, a local civic club and the police department joined together to do a "mock" shoplifting spree at stores in the city, Richard said. They hit the jackpot at the Crowley Wal-Mart. "Needless to say, the biggest loot was taken from the Wal-Mart store. Needless to say, our manager was not a happy camper," Lois Richard said. She came up with the idea of posting an employee at the door to check shoppers' items. Wal-Mart headquarters in Bentonville wasn't willing at the time to pay an employee just to do that job, Richard said, so she suggested employees take turns volunteering a half-hour each day without pay. Richard offered to take the first shift. Once the program caught on, Wal-Mart decided to make it a regular paid position, she said. Today, there are more than 30,000 Wal-Mart greeters at stores nationwide, said spokeswoman Sharon Weber.
  • To make you feel welcome
  • they have greeters to watch for shoplifters and to basically judge you just by your appearence...such as wearing baggy clothes...suspicious behavior...if you have a bunch or expensive stuff they ask you for your reciept when you walk out. Sometimes you it makes you want to tell them to piss off lol
  • It is where they put their injured employees so they don't have to pay them workmans comp
  • My friend is a Wal-Mart greeter. Oh, the fun I have messing with her when I go to Wal Mart!
  • Being as that I am a door greeter and am by no means old (only 22) nor am I handicapped. I found that as a door greeter, I am mainly there to make the shoppers feel welcome and to point and direct them to what they need. The other very very big part of my job is to stop shoplifters. I catch at least one person a day trying to steal.
  • Catch shop lifters on the way out mybe not to sure

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