• I didn't go to college at all. I left school at 16 and went straight out to work as a clerk in a security company. Within 18 months I was promoted to a secretary. I left that job and gradually got better and better jobs until I became the Personal Assistant to a company Chairman/CEO. Since then, I've had senior PA positions working for some high flying people. In my spare time, I've managed to get a number of additional qualifications through distance or online learning. I don't regret it for one minute. It certainly wasn't right for me to go to college at the time.
  • yes i regret it. the opportunity to experience colledge and to better my education. but alas, i had no money to go.
  • I didn't go and thought marrying at 21 would be ok. I put him through college through personal support and working to have a roof over our head. I do regret it because I realize that I missed out on the learning experience. Education elevates a person and allows for greater earning potential. You gotta have it so when you're not a hottie anymore, you can live depend on making you're own wage and not become dependent on someone you've grown apart from. It almost makes you unequal in a relationship, too. Another perspective is when you do marry and have children, if you chose to be a stay at home mom, you'll look better on a resume. I worked and had a managerial type position before making the choice. But I lost a lot of skills when I stayed home for 5 years. I lucked out when I landed a job when the youngest went to school that paid the same wage as I made, but it didn't last long when I was laid off after 2 years. My second job I have currently is at a lower rate of pay- very disappointing. Had I had a degree, my personal self confidence would have been greater and would have allowed me to search for a higher wage paying job. It's unfortunate, but we are in a society that rewards youth. The only way to stand your ground is with an education.
  • I didn't go to college. Well I did, when I left school for a month, but I didn't like it so I left and started working. I don't regret it, because I have carried on with my education later in life. I have done a university degree and plenty of other courses and lots of training. I do wonder sometimes though, if my life would have been any different if I had carried on with college.
  • it was in the 50's I missed college.
  • i went but i might as well not have gone since i flunked out twice

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