• Microwaved pizza from the night before.
  • pretty much the same thing
  • coffee to-go and gossip on the commute to work.
  • Pretty much the same, except without the tomatoes. Pancakes and sausage or bacon is pretty popular too! A lot of people like oatmeal or the packaged dry cereals too. English muffins are popular ... a bit like your crumpets
  • I had that every morning when I was staying at B&B's in England and also when I did the same thing In Ireland and also Scotland. One of the coutries also served mushrooms, don't remember which. Anyway, here it's coffee and a doughnut. For me it is usually a Philly soft pretzel. If I'm cooking I make an egg omelette with either spinach or asparagus and sauteed onions and a side of scrapple
  • Pretty much the same thing just leave out the tomatoes. Add fruit maybe some pancakes and there ya go. Or Cereal toast bagels. Things like that.
  • Work, sweetroll or doughnut once you reach your desk...for some. For most, it just coffee., eggs to order, bacon, sausage, home fried or hash brown potatoes, toast or English muffin, sometimes pancakes, French toast, waffles. Want to hear what's traditional when we're on a diet?!? It's the same, but maybe we'll throw in a Diet Coke for effect. :-) +5
  • In the south it's eggs, grits, country ham, and biscuits.
  • Isn't it the same.... but about 14 times larger!
  • Depends on what part of the country y'all come from my friend. Down south it'd be biscuits and gravy, hushpuppies and chicken fried steak. The standard breakfast is bacon/ham/sausage...eggs..toast..some kind of juice or fruit (in season, of course) and pancakes for those with hearty appetites. The fancy dudes and dudettes opt for Eggs Benedict, Monte Cristo sandwich, quiche, or they hold out for a brunch buffet that would have everything you can think of and then some and eat all of it and then sleep it off the rest of the day! :) Happy Thursday! :)
  • Bacon; eggs; sausage; pancakes; orange juice; coffee and home fries!
  • For other people it would be a couple eggs, some bacon or sausage (generally not both), and toast. Along with coffee, milk, and/or juice. But, for me I have a couple cookies and I'm out the door. Not big on breakfast.
  • We do put Maple syrup all over our pancakes!
  • ..don't and a donut? i personally like to make a big breakfast when i'm home for the day or on a weekend..but when i have to work or have school i grab a yogurt or grapefruit i made this irish breakfast for my parents..diced up potatoes..small pieces of chicken..with some spices and cream..and a fried egg on top..when you cut it the yolk seeps onto all the other looks heavenly and tastes delicious
  • Biscuits and sausage gravy with two eggs cooked dippy.
  • You forgot the beans on toast....American breakfast should be oatmeal or fruit but now they have this embarrassing Denny's commercial with home fries and a cream sauce w/cheese on it too. That is not your typical American breakfast! If it was, we wouldn't live until 30!

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