• No, a stray cat came and had two kittens, one was mine and i named him stinger because that is what his tiny claws did, i was about 7 ;0)
  • I picked the name, and went for the tough, macho-sounding Rocky, for my.........rabbit.
  • No my brother named our first pet.. I think Butch is a stupid name for a girl dog...
  • Yes, I was allowed to name it, although maybe my parents should have. I was maybe 7-8 or so and we got a parakeet which I named Eric. Why? I don't remember. That is my brother's middle name, but I can't recall why I chose it. Not really a great name for a bird!
  • Our first pet, a Pomeranian, came with a name! I was given to my father as a gift and we did not changed "Brownie", maybe because we like the name. I really don't remember.
  • I was allowed to name it. my first pet, that was just mine, was a little yellow canary, and I named it JJ, because woodstock was taken by my brothers scaly-breasted lorikeet. My brother had a nickname of snoopy at the time, and he named is lorikeet woodstock, and charlie brown was taken by one of the rainbow lorikeets
  • Truthfully....I cant remember my first pet.....So I do not know.
  • Yes, I named my first pet (a dog) "RATSO" when I was a kid. He was a mongrel, but as loyal and sweet as any dog could be. I still miss him. Here he is:
  • Yes, I think I was the one to name most of the pets since I was the one that took care of them.
  • yes i was allowed to name my first pet it was a black and white cocker spaniel and i named him Krusty.
  • Our first kitten, Tiger, was named by the mama cat's owner. It suited him, so we kept it.
  • I don't remember. I was only five years old. I know I didn't pick it. Her name was Sugar. My next one I got when I was about 33. Picked her up in a mall pet shop. She was already named, about 8 months old and responded to her name so I kept it. Her name is Macy. The department store was just across from the pet store. I always joke I'm glad they didn't name her Radio Shack which was next door. I got to name my current pup. Named her Luke after my favorite movie. She respnds to the name, but not much else. Pisses me off daily. Cute dog though.
  • Yes ... I got to name my first pet. A gorgeous, golden color cocker spaniel with HUGE warm eyes. Named her: Taffy
  • I got to name this turtle that my parents got me when I was little, which was Speedy. I swear, it was the fastest turtle I've ever seen =)
  • Yes I got a kitten when I was 8 years old, I named it her name was Tweety Cat, I liked the cartoon. Tweety Pie lol
  • We got our first pet when I was 2 years old. A little young to be choosing names, and I really dont know how this sweet black and white female kitten ended up with the name BUSTER! I was 20 when she died.
  • When I was born, my mum & dad already had 1 dog & 2 cats. The dog already had the name 'Buster' but the two cats I got to name as before that, they were just called 'The cat'. I called the mother 'Lucy' & the kitten 'Grandma'. Don't ask why! I was 2 years old & probably a little short on creativity lol.
  • we were forbiddon to have pets in the house lol

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