• I love Art museums, and I think Science Museums are great, expecially for kids. I remember my fifth grade field trip to the Science Museum, the first time I ever went into a planetarium, finding out what I would weight on the moon and a lot of other things that kids find very interesting.
  • I love interactive museums where you can actually touch and feel the exhibits! I guess I'm a visual person ... not crazy about admiring stuff in cases!!
  • Science museums, natural history museums, ripley's believe it or not type museums, sci-fi/ufo museums, and weird little museums you find in someone's yard in rural America. The Exploratorium in San Fransisco is AMAZING.
  • Natural science and historical.
  • science and history museum :)
  • Creation Science...ROFL!
  • Chicago has a great science museum and a great natural history museum that are both great to go to. Those are my favorites.
  • Sorry, this was meant to be a comment.
  • My two favorite actual museums are the Museum of Natural History in NYC and the Franklin Institute in Philly.
  • I like most museums! Some of my favourites are the Museum of Science & Industry, The Field Museum, and Art Institute all in Chicago, the Des Moines Art Center-yes, believe it or not, Des Moines! The Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan, the Detroit Institute of Art, etc, etc, etc. I could go on, and on listing museums that I like.

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