• Bird Colonel A full colonel, designated by the eagle emblem on the insignia. Full Bird, as opposed to the lower rank Lieutenant Colonel. This slang originated in the U.S. Marines.
  • I always find myself just adding to Perryman's answers, but.... Full Bird is a Colonel. The emblem Colonels wear is an eagle. A Lt Colonel (one rank below Colonel) is referred to as a Light Bird. However, (at least in the Marine Corps), it is acceptable to address a LtCol as "Colonel" when addressing him verbally. Therefore necessitating a differentiation between a Light Bird and a Full Bird.
  • There are two colonels, a LT. Colonel and Colonel or "full bird" colonel. A Full bird colonel is an silver eagle, opposed to an Oak Leaf.
    • mushroom
      I guess calling the LT a "leaf" wouldn't fly ... so to speak.

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