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  • A "Who-ha" eh? This is the adult section, use correct terminology please. ----- Answer: It doesn't make a difference to me.
  • Who -ha could mean anything. if she wants too, where ever it is. you can't make anyone shave anything, it's up to them!
  • It's up to us.
  • are u saying shaving her arm pitts or her public hair as known as vagina,its up to the girl about shaveing her public hair,but she have to shave her arm pitts if not thats just wrong,unless she wants to be a man?
  • I perfer waxed ones front and back. If you do this for me I will make you feel the woman you were ment to feel! Believe me, you have hair.. I am not really that interested. I like the smoothness and the taste.
  • From a male prospective, why do you shave under your arms? Drift through the free porn sites and look at what you mostly see. If you know where your hubby's or boyfriend's porn books is, sneek them out and flip through them. They put out what is by popular demand.
  • keep it natural!! FOREST BABY!!
  • Anything is worth a try. I say, why the hell not? I shave my who-wang from time to time, and my wife shaves her who-ha from time to time too. It's all about having fun, and finding what you're comfortable with.

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