• I was clearly my mother's favorite, although she tried to not make a big deal of it. My father and I simply were very different from early on, and my mother and I were very similar. My siblings saw this, and one of them was favored by my father and the other as well. Over the years when they were both alive, my father might have resented my mother favoring me some, but he never said anything about it. I think frankly he was fine with not having to deal with me as much. And it was actually OK with me as well.
  • When I was really small and my mother and stepfather got together I was his favorite. Now my younger sister is his favorite and we sometimes rush at him to see who will get his lap first. Its all in fun and he loves us all.
  • I was not favored by either one as a child. My father favors me now, but mainly because I am the only one who has forgiven him for not being around when we were children. He says my mother told him I was her favorite, but I figured that was just something he was saying, as I never had the impression that mom treated me differently from the others. At least I thought that until an online friend of mine told me that mom told her the same thing (after her death, the friend just happens to be psychic).
  • My sister was always the favourite with my mother, I was the inconvenience. I used to hate her, because she seemed to get everything, all the attention and cuddles and that. But to be honest, she needs it more than I do. I was too strong willed and independant for my own good, still am in fact, hence I spend the majority of my time alone, even though my mum is here. My dad isn't fit enough to call himself a parent, so we shall ignore him. Me and my sister are good friends now. So are me and my mum, though that wavers. You can't help feeling like the outsider though
  • No my Father was a distant figure I hardly knew and my Mother always favoured My brother and one of my sisters. Although she would strongly deny the fact
  • I wasn't favoured or adored by either of my parents,well in a way I am glad now I don't have to feel guilty when shoving both their arses in a second-rate home.
  • no i was the oldest so my brother was always favoured. he still is by my dad and it does my head in because hes a idiot who never helps out and gets everything done for him and im the one who helps out all the time and gets all the crap. my nan used to favour me and i miss her loads but according to my dad my nan was wrong for doing this but he is even worse with my brother. in my opinion favouring one child over another is wrong and causes lots of trouble

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