• Goofy, and fact. My opinions don't matter. I was taught that in public school.
  • I like them all, however in order of preference: 1) Factual. 2) Opinion. 3) Goofy.
  • It doesn't matter to me, ya'll should be forewarned that asking Q's here on AB is a lot like a box of chocolates... that's right... you never know what your gonna get! It could be one of those delicious creme' filled cordials, a smooth white chocolate truffle, a hershy's kiss, or a stale peanut M&M with a hard candy shell that just doesn't quite melt in your mouth like it's supposed to,.... Ya know what I mean?
  • I like to answer all questions as they come along. Goofy ones are good ,factual ones I learn from and my opinion may not be important but it is as relevant as anyone elses ,even if you do not agree with it.

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