• Temper, temper,temper, I must control my temper.
  • Amazing, he throws a shoe - 3 years in prison. Bush, responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths & commiting illegal war, torture, mass kidnappings (rendition)- gets a holiday on the ranch. Where's the justice?
  • My thought is he will probably think twice before throwing his shoes at foreign dignitaries again.
  • The 3 year term is to influence others not to do the same to other foreign leaders or diplomats.
  • 3 years is to much I wish I had the shoes so I can put them on Ebay
  • (It is Physical assault). - 3yrs is harsh- should of given the dude 'community service' & 'don't do that again'. The beating he sustained was unlawful.
  • Excessive. What he did was a minor nuisance, not a serious crime. Yes, you have to have some control - government could not be run if politicians were constantly ducking shoes, however much we hate them. So a few weeks, to deter others. And he broke hos journalists good-conduct agreement, so exclusion from government press conferences for the three years. But the sentence is too much. And the beating up is straightforward immoral.
  • I wonder if he thinks it was worth it.
  • Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.
  • Excessive...if he had no prior problems. Also, he never hit the President. A 3 months in jail would have sufficed.
  • Absolutely ridiculous. The taxpayers now have to support this man in prison for 3 years and then have to rehabilitate him back into society afterwards. Getting a job with a record will be tough!
  • Unfair.
  • I just wish he had heavier, explosive shoes and better aim.
  • Poor guy, to bad the journalist had bad aim!LOL
  • Definitely excessive, but I'm not surprised at all. For all his trouble, it's too bad he missed.
  • that seems like a lot of time to me. I bet he wishes he would have thrown 6 inch heels now!!
  • Sounds like a little much, yeah? However, I can't say it's surprising. Shame that shoe-avoidance class was the only one the George stayed awake in. Otherwise, the guy might have gotten out of it.
  • I don't think it should be that all. Maybe 2 months or so. Even less than that.
  • I'd say that's pretty good, considering they could have just made him disappear. He should probably count his blessings.
  • If chris brown gets less then that, than we pretty much know the judicial system isnt worth a crap
  • If the three years is excessive, as a previous answerer has said, if you can't do the crime, don't do the crime. But I wonder what some of the answerers would have thought about the sentence if he had been convicted of assaulting President Obama. After all the conviction was reduced (he could have gotten 15 years) from assaulting a foreign head of state to assaulting an official during the execution of his duties. Even a lot of Iraqi feel the sentence was justified and that he brought shame on Iraq by insulting a guest.
  • I think that it was good. It was blatant disrespect of a world leader and idiots must pay for their moronic actions.
  • I wonder what kind of shoes they were?...and why haven't the makers of the shoes made an reinactment of the shoe incident? It could be sort of a spoof for marketing purposes...
  • You forgot to mention that he's now a national hero. Make that international hero. That's one ex-convict who won't find any difficulty finding a job when he leaves prison.
  • 3 years in prison for doing what the rest of the world wanted too, replace the shoe with a grenade. Bush is yet another black eye for america in a long list of public officials who are an embaressment to us for those who will be reading about us in history books.

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