• I would guess you could get in. Go ask your local recruiter.
  • I think so my grandpa was in the army and when he got home he had 2 tattoo that he got in boot camp.
  • I just acctually went over this with a recruiter, you can have tattoos and sign up, however they can have any negitive meaning, (ie.swastika, gang, ect...) also they judge the size, but as you said if its coverable, your in the clear.
  • Yes you can. Each branch has different restrictions on where you can get them and what is allowed, but regardless of where you go, be prepared for them to be photographed, diagramed, ect... and be ready to explain the significance of each. It's a long process and most recruiters suggest waiting until you're already in when it easier to get away with.
  • They have at least two more years of war in Iraq. I guarantee you can get in. Don't even worry about it.
  • You can definitely have tattoos in the military. For each branch of service it is different on how many they allow you to have. In the army you are allowed to have more of a body part tattooed than in the air force. In the air force the requirement is your tattoos are not allowed to cover more than 25% of an uncovered area while in uniform. You can get around this though. Before you come into the military you can get a waiver for tattoos. Recently the army has changed its policy on tattoos, there allowing more and more of an area covered than in the past.
  • The current policy set by the Army requires that all tattoos be evaluated for size, location, and decency (visible tattoos or brands on face, or head are prohibited. Tattoos or brands on the back of the neck (the "neck" is described as starting at the shoulder and ending with the jaw line; use an imaginary line from the jaw line for the back of the neck) and on the hands that are not extremist, indecent, sexist or racist, but are visible in the Class A uniform are authorized; however prejudicial, vulgar, profane, racist, sexist or offensive tattoos are prohibited). ive just found this on the internet
  • you will be able to get in the army with almost anything these days

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