• At least Sarah Palin was honest about her reading list.
  • I never fib about what I read. I did expect to see War and Peace on the list. I've heard people say they read War and Peace and I always wondered if they actually did, I've never even cracked it open.
  • I've read most of the Bible over the years. I read Madame Bovary in a month or less. I must admit, Madame held my interest as a work of writing more than the Bible. :) All the others on the list, I've never read.
  • Oddly enough 1984 is the only one of those I've read in it's entirety.
  • I have read many of the books on the list, and certainly wouldn't dream of lying about books I haven't read. I really feel that survey is not legitimate, especially considering some of the titles on the list, which seem to have been pulled out of the air. If Proust was on the list, it might seem a bit more legitimate. :)
  • I've only read 1984 and A Brief History of Time on that list, and I wouldn't claim to have read any of the others
  • Whaddya want from me...I saw the movie! :-) +5
  • I'll be honest. I've read 1-5. I started 6, but never finished it and never opened the pages of 7-10
  • I see little point in lying about what I read, in fact half the time I will say I haven't read a book when I have because until I look at it I have forgotten I have read it. Out of the list of ten I have only read three of them. 1984, the bible and war and peace, I haven't even heard of the others.
  • 1) I have read at least half of them (but I fibbed about reading the list). ;-) 2) more seriously, in that list, I have read: 1. 1984 - George Orwell 4. The Bible 6. A Brief History of Time - Stephen Hawking That's all where I am sure. I could also have read the following a long time ago, but I am not sure: 5. Madame Bovary - Gustave Flaubert 8. In Remembrance of Things Past - Marcel Proust (I read just a part of the big work...) I have read only a part of: 3. Ulysses - James Joyce From Barack Obama, I have read "The Audacy of Hope", and from Richard Dawkins, "The God Delusion".

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