• My opinion is that it doesn't; however, I suppose supporters can say that the intelligent designer is constantly redesigning and making new models.
  • It can't. Not being in any way a scientific theory, it can't properly "explain" anything.
  • God figured that humans were surviving too well, so he decided that we needed a little challenge. Or maybe we're being punished. Or alternately, God decided that bacteria were rapidly becoming extinct and decided to perform divine intervention to empower them with divine might to resist the genocidal antibiotics.
  • The irony is that bio evo provides no explanation except the “explanation” that if bacteria weren’t resistant, they’d be dead. However, the question is faulty and misunderstands ID. ID attempts to scientifically distinguish that which is designed from that which is made by nature. Could we ask, how does ID explain how gasoline makes a car run? A car runs because of the chemical properties of gasoline and the engine’s design. Bacteria resist antibiotics because of their genetic info. These explanations do not tell us who or what made the car, and the bacteria. Evolutionists cannot distinguish that which has been designed from that which has been made by nature. Therefore, they cannot tell us life was not designed. ID theorists are on the cutting edge of real science, attempting to define the scientific and mathematical criteria by which we can determine what is designed from what isn’t. Without the ability to distinguish the evolved from the designed, we can never prove life evolved. Are living populations historically affected by the laws of nature? Yes. Do the laws of nature alone produce genetic info? Such remains to be seen. ID is not only a fact, it is a theory of scientific causes. There are only two possible causes for the origin of anything(including species) 1) Intelligent design 2) Natural Forces Discounting ID on philosophical grounds renders bio evo the only available cause regardless of the evidence and makes bio evo unscientific. Only the ability to distinguish the designed from the evolved can prove bio evo the origin of species.
  • intelligent design means that you believe in evolution, so the explanation would be the scientific explanation. Intelligent design doesn't mean that you think God or a creator is micro-managing life (that is creationism)..but rather that there was a creator who set everything in motion and then let nature evolve on its own..
  • The question answers itself.
  • Intelligent Design proponents readily admit evolution occurs - they label it "micro-evolution" and limit it to "within species" - their problem is in defining "species" exactly - but that is not pertinent to this question. Therefore they will say that, inbuilt into bacteria is the ability to reproduce imperfectly - introducing changes to themselves and those changes allow some bacteria to survive exposure to a given antibiotic. They survive and produce more offspring with that change. That is exactly evolution / natural selection. The main difference is that ID folk invent a boundary "somewhere", across which changes cannot accumulate.
  • God is resistant to antibiotics and He created the bacteria in his image.
  • GOD SAYS IT! I BELIEVES IT! Creationis..err I mean "Intelligent Design" in a nutshell.
  • ID treats human and bacteria as equals. That is, all lives are precious in God's eyes. When human lives are threatened by diseases or natural disasters, a certain "sub-species" of human (the scientists), have the built-in genetic predisposition to devise ways to combat those adversities so that the human race can survive. Likewise, when bacteria are threatened by antibiotics, a certain "sub-species" of bacteria that have resistance to those antibiotics due to mutations multiply in great numbers to replace those less resistant members that are destroyed, thus enabling them to survive as a species. It would be arrogant to think that we (human) are God's only chosen "people".
  • God made it that way just to confuse the hell out of us.
  • (I'm probably going to get downrated for this) Sin brought forth death. That's why we have sicknesses and bacteria, plagues, etc. It is humanity's punishment for sin. We rebelled against God and because of that we all have a death sentence put upon us by a holy and righteous God because we have broken His law. The universe was originally perfect before sin came. We now live in a fallen creation. I hope that this is helpful. :) -In the Master's service. Thank you and God bless you!
  • There actually isn't any reason for Intelligent Design to explain it. Any research into this subject would reveal something very simple. How do bacteria become resistant? Bacteria can gain resistance through two primary ways: 1. By mutation, and 2. By using a built-in design feature to swap DNA (called horizontal gene transfer)—bacteria share resistance genes. Bacteria can become antibiotic resistant by gaining mutated DNA from other bacteria. Unlike you and me, bacteria can swap DNA. But this still is not an example of evolution in action. No new DNA is generated (a requirement for molecules-to-man evolution), it is just moved around. It’s like taking money from your left pocket and putting it into your right pocket—it doesn’t make you wealthier. This mechanism of exchanging DNA is necessary for bacteria to survive in extreme or rapidly changing environments. The mechanisms of mutation and natural selection aid bacteria populations in becoming resistant to antibiotics. However, mutation and natural selection also result in bacteria with defective proteins that have lost their normal functions. Evolution requires a gain of functional systems for bacteria to evolve into man—functioning arms, eyeballs, and a brain, to name a few. Mutation and natural selection, thought to be the driving forces of evolution, only lead to a loss of functional systems. Therefore, antibiotic resistance of bacteria is not an example of evolution in action but rather variation within a bacterial kind.
  • That bacteria can become antibiotic resistant via mutation but never becomes anything other than bacteria via mutation. If it adapted to become plankton, that would be a different story. But, that doesn't happen.
  • The same way intelligent design hypotheses explain everything: god did it.
  • It doesn't. They have one blanket answer for everything: goddidit, everything else is faith

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