• I know the TRUTH!
  • I already hate snappy little dogs, so didn't bother to view the link.
  • That video is heartbreaking. I used to work as an animal control officer. I can tell you that animals are as ferocious as their owners condition them to be. I've seen aggressive pit bulls and pit bulls who only want to sit on your lap. I've seen akitas and rottweilers that will bite anything that moves and those that are loving and loyal. Pit bulls are NOT intrinsically aggressive animals. They have become an accessory for those who want to maintain a tough image and play out their supposed ferocity through an animal. Animals are just like people. They end up the result of their environment and training. Love a dog, it will love you back. Even a pit bull.
  • Thank you for that i didnt no all that :) iv learnt somethink today
  • Well.......I couldn't make it through the clip. Years ago I lived in a small town where they had pitbull fights on a regular basis. They also had rooster fights. I have never understood why people enjoy these activities. I do believe a pitbull can be loving, but then turn and attack. As a parent, I would never own a pitbull. Myth or truth, it is not worth finding out. Presa Canarios are another breed I would not own.
  • Some animals, due to breeding have a very aggressive nature. A kind person raising that can keep it in check most of the time. Like any person, if pressed it will still lash out with it's deeply rooted aggressive inbred viciousness. Many of the Wolf breeds have that same wild side buried deep within them that could come out under times of great stress. I personally do not like pitbulls, and would not have my children around them by choice... but I feel the same way about any dog that is the same size as my child and can stare them in the eyes.
  • As a Dog trainer for 30 years...I already know about Pittys...This WAS one of the most moving clips I've ever seen highlighting THE TRUTH about this breed of dog. I had tears falling while watching it...and I'm still crying now. How people can be so cruel to animals...I'll never many great dogs, forced to fight like this for no reason but greed. There are many dogs including Pitt Bulls that do have too much prey drive to successfully live with other animals, and can, on occasion go after children that are moving quickly. But, I would never say or believe that an entire breed type is going to be over-reactive in such a manner. As mentioned, Cockers, (especially American bred), and over the past five years LABS, too have made the "High Bite" list in the USA. We have to STOP THE PUPPY MILLS and SHUT THEM DOWN ONCE AND FOR ALL, and EDUCATE SMALL (BACK YARD) BREEDERS on what qualities they need to consider BEFORE breeding their dogs and bitches, without consideration to the resulting offspring they will produce. We also must continue to educate about Positive Reinforcement training methods, (+R) and modified NILIF (nothing in life is free). So that dog owners continue to learn and disregard the "old school" training (negative and aversive) methods. Even Police dogs are NEVER TAUGHT TO BE "MEAN" THEY ARE TAUGHT BEHAVIORS TO DO ON COMMAND that can aid in being a PARTNER to their human counterpart. Some of them can be a bit hyper and have a higher than average prey drive. Some are simply great THINKING dogs and have their training down to a perfect "T." Thanks for posting this link...maybe more people will learn the truth.
  • I didn't make it through the video either. That was really hard to watch. I certainly agree with all of you. It is ALL about how these animals are treated by the PEOPLE that own them that determine if they will be vicious or not. My neighbor had a pit bull. Sweetest dog I'd ever known. It sickens me how horrible some people can be.
  • Well I own 1 pitbull and 7 pitbull mix puppies and they are all wonderful it is all in the way they are raised is what I believe me and my husband have always had the pitbull breed they are just as loving as any other dog unless they are put into the wrong hands. I personally think the small breed dogs have a hella mean streak lol. My children are 12 & 9 and everyone gets along great. I truly believe its all in how they are raised.
  • The truth about Pit Bulls and other breeds known for attacking people is that the capability is part of the breed's nature. Yes you can train any dog to be docile or vicious. My personal observations at the dog park with my Weimaraner are that Pit bulls and similar dogs will attack without provocation. My Weimaraner is a friend to all people and dogs, but she was attacked on three occasions by a Pitt bull, Rotweiller and another, which I cannot recall now. Years earlier, my Beagle was also friendly with most dogs, however he would bark epithets at those breeds, which are used for fighting or guard duty. That Beagle recognized something about them as dangerous and wanted to protect me.
  • wow, i ever since i was little i absolutely loved dogs and watching that kinda made me cry, it was really sad
  • I had a pit bull (didn't know it until she grew out of puppy phase) and she was the sweetest dog. Sadly, I found out the hard way that she wouldn't turn on a person, when I discovered my boyfriend beating her for something she supposedly did wrong. Sad. But I truly believe she never would have hurt anyone.
  • Hey Staffie -- is your name short for Staffordshire, perhaps? :)
  • i hate how people think that pitbulls are bad dogs, stupid people in the world can train anything to be mean , but the other people think its the pitbulls fault i have a pitbull and she would never hurt a fly, but when they see other dogs fighting they dont think its the breed they just think its one messed up dog, i think that all dogs are sweet if there raised right... All dogs are sweet...
  • sorry supposed to be comment
  • I have a Staffie, was being walked on her lead past an open garden gate. A golden Cocker Spaniel rushed out and attacked her, and she didn't even retaliate. Which breed gets the bad press tho?

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