• Bonnie? Is that you?
  • Yea - live a little :) AS long as he (or she!) wasn't in there for killing his spouse :)
  • Do you love him/her? If you do, go for it! :)
  • If you want to, why not. It's your life.
  • I would shy away from that unless they get conjugal visits.
  • You need to wait until both of you are out of prison!!
  • If you love him, you should.
  • why not people make mistakes, as long as she or he makes you happy. Keep in mind things will occur overtime if they cannot get their record expunged, Nice Housing is difficult if your trying to rent, if they lose their job it might be difficult to gain employement as quick as non felons.
  • Obviously you have reservations about it. So, no. You should never do anything you are not positive of first, especially marriage. Convicted felon or not.
  • depends on the felony... i wouldn't mind marrying a pot farmer.. but a sex offender is a different story.
  • If he has been on a straight and narrow path for five years, maybe. If he's been straight ten years, more likely. If he just got out, run as fast and far as you can. If you do choose to marry him, even if he is straight and clean, it will still effect you. There are jobs and other options that are forever closed to him. His earning potential will never be as good as if he'd never been in trouble. His life is going to be a struggle. But if he is doing the right thing and has been for some time, and you love him and are willing to shoulder part of his burdens, then sure, go for it.
  • Well Im a convicted felon and I married one as well, so if they are a good person that got caught up on some bad shit, then yeah! But if they are a rapist or child molester hell no!!
  • It depends on why they are a convicted felon. If it was for something like murder, or rape, or abuse/violence, then I'd say no. But if it was something else like theft, then why not? He may just steal your heart. :) OK, I admit, it was a stupid joke. But come on, I had to.
  • Uh.. I'm going to go with probably not, but I'd never try to tell someone how to live.
  • I think it's about true intense love. Not what he/she's history is. Not about the money they make, or the things they have. It's simply love. And in that case is there really a choice? Since you seem to think it's a choice, maybe it's not the intensity of love it should be to marry someone anyway.
  • If you have to ask people on the internet,then I'd say no.
  • I have never been handcuffed, nor have I spent one day in jail, and the biggest fine I've ever paid was for a speeding ticket; yet, I'm a convicted felon. Truth can be stranger than fiction and The Golden Rule of Life can collide with the Rule of Law. In my case the Judge appladued my actions and good intentions, but not the fact that I broke the Law. The AUSA shook my hand during the Plea Agreement phase and wished me good luck. My crime was helping an Illegal Alien. An acquaintence of mine was convicted of felony rape at the age of 18. That conviction, like mine, continues to surpress job opportunities, travel and one's overall credibility. He married his childhood sweetheart; unfortunatley, for over 30 years they and his in-laws who filed the Criminal Complaint have had to live with their mistakes. I guess it all depends on the circumstances of the felony and your ability, or willingness to help carry the burdens that go along the social baggage that all felons must carry for the rest of their lives.
  • Only if you want to be his next victim!!
  • If you love them why not?
  • felon means Fell en Love Thats all i got Good luck
  • If he/she is reformed, then i dont see why not, but you must be very careful if she is still at her old tricks.

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