• During the cold war both the United States and Russia, conducted a series and battery's of tests on individuals who were telekinetic or had some sort of psychic ability or six sense. They called it remote veiwing, it is rumored they were successful at it but any evidence to prove the fact is still held in confidence with both countries Departmens of Defense (DOD). Whether or not they have any official scientific evidence that proves remote veiwing actually worked in an espionage capacity is still unknown and the information is considered top secret. offers a report on such doings and other links if you wish to reveiw the subject more in depth. (Someone told me they couldnt find the site? Its there, maybe its your search engine?) It is to much information to go into detail here, but many universities such as Berkely, UCLA, and University of Texas and even NASA, have conducted such experiments, but have found that most incidents of ESP are coincidental.
  • Yes, and no. Moving objects with your mind is scientifically impossilbe, but some people claim to have telekinetic powers, meaning they can move objects with thier minds. As I said, this is scientifically proven impossible. However, some people have convinced others that telekinetics is real. Some show by video or just showing them personally. Many are hoaxes, but some may be true. So my friend, this answer may or may not be true.......... (twilight zone song)
    • ReiSan
      None are true.
  • Science is based on rational thought, but is the power of thought always rational? Fire burns human skin yet some people can put lit cigarettes out on their lips and eye lids and have no burns. Not even redness! So fire burns, but only if we let it? What kind of perception do we need for the impossible to become the probable? And the probable to become the self-evident? All I know is that the mind is limited only by our belief in what is possible for us to do. End of story. Can people move things with their mind? Well even Jesus Christ said, "with faith you can tell this tree to plant itself in the bottom of the ocean and it will obey you." This is not the symbolic gesture of "faith moving mountains", but a truth that he revealed after he had literally withered a fig tree with his command. Hmmmmmm? What is possible for a mind with no limits? I guess ultimately, that is up to us.
    • ReiSan
      Jesus Christ did not exist, so he did nothing. Beliefs cannot affect Reality.
  • No, there are no cases that meet scientific criteria for genuine evidence. There is no scientific mechanism by which such powers could possibly exist. All paranormal claims are absurd, and this one is triply absurd. Some people passionately want to believe such absurdities, so they ignore science and logic.
  • maybe but not that i know of
  • No, there are none!
  • there might be
  • Not right at this moment or he would be saying other me...
  • Uri Geller does some magicians' tricks, but was not able to demonstrate anything unusual on Johnny Carson's show - when Carson supplied all the props and said "no touching."
  • Heck no, nowhere near it.
  • not that i know of

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