• Last month itself I was called by my friend - we met after a long 26 years . Can you imagine that joy?
  • A few months ago, I got an email from my twin sister. We have not talked or seen each other in about 20 years (family issues...long story). Anyway, I emailed her back and just told her to give me a call. She hasn't yet.
  • And she reminded me why I was better off without her.
  • Not yet. Happy Thursday Mrs.C! :) ((hugs))
  • Actually, yes. That actually happens a lot since I'm acquainted with so many people, both online and off.
  • Nope no one has done that yet , but i have gone and came back in life of lot of people like a magic :)
  • Its inevitable that she will come back into my life, but the thing is that she's an open wound.
  • Yes, pop in for a few weeks and gone again for years.
  • Yeah, a couple of friends. That's all. It was nice, though.
  • Yeah ...some of my school friends . Felt so good meeting them after a looooong time :)
  • Yes, a very good friend of mine from high school that I hadn't seen in years and I ran into him in front of the barbershop that I take my kid to. We have been friends again ever since.
  • No, but your question is a great reminder that if any of us have people we've sort of drifted from .. or they from us .. family, friends important to us .. then .. maybe now? We can, out of nowhere just ask ourselves your question then move on to "making a list". Maybe one name will pop up. Maybe two or three. Then? No reason we can't "make a move" to see if WE can come back into THEIR lives (vs sitting and waiting or sitting and accepting that's how it is or just being busy and it is what it is!). We can try to connect, no matter how long it's been. It may work out. It may not. But we will have given it a shot. Thanks for the reminder on that!! :)
  • An old friend from elementary school, I saw her at the store the other day and we exchanged phone numbers to catch up sometime soon.
  • Yes, and it only took him 40 years to find me!
  • I have a story... Years ago, My mom dated a guy. (I was 5ish). And Because they were from different countries, it did not work out, so eventually they lost touch. They met at a hotel where she worked TWENTY years later. I work at this hotel (as a telephone operator). There are 4 people answering during this shift. Well, I get this man asking for my mothers name and wanted to be transfered to the front desk (where she worked). What are the odds. I put them in contact togather and now They keep in touch.
  • Not yet but I hope and feel they will come soon.
  • Yes a best friend that I had spoken unkind words to. It took about 10 years but we patched things up and continue to talk to this day.
  • No, but I'm hoping it happens soon. I've been looking for my father since '02 with no luck (I've found ex-workmates of his, high school friends of his... but not him! If I ever do find him, I'll have so many messages to pass on I won't have time to talk to him myself!), and we haven't seen each other in 13 years.
  • yes, my best friend from pre-school found me, and we hung out for a while. It was pretty awkward though because we almost pretended the past 10 years hadn't happened, and on top of that, I barely remembered him.
  • sort off, whats a long time? my 3 half sisters came back in contact with me after like 8 years, havent seen them in a good few years now either
  • No, sad to say that those who are gone, are gone for good.
  • Oh my gosh. Just this week, I found a friend on Facebook that I haven't seen in over 20 years. We used to be great friends, and had so much fun together! And mmm-mmm-mmm is he ever handsome. He was Mr. Texas in playgirl one year, and I am the one that talked him into going to interview for it! I am so glad I found him!!!

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