• How, exactly, did they "betray" you?
  • yes - keep your pride, show them you dont need them, and find some new friends! good luck :)
  • Yes, you did but you need to replace them with new friends before you feel you made a mistake because you have no one to talk to.
  • i would just keep doing what you're doing...if they were your true friends they wouldn't use you. Find some new friends and forget about the old ones.
  • why don't you tell them what is really bugging you? if they really don't care about you, they will leave you in peace, but if they care, they will try to make amends. if they leave you in peace, and don't talk to you again, you would have reached the same result as you would have had you ignored them, but with the added benefit that they will know why. if on the other hand they will try to make amends, you'll know that you have some good friends. however, in order to prevent this from happening again, you must show respect to yourself... don't be over-indulgent, but show you have principles that you adhere to. for eg, don't give them anything they ask for, try to ask for something back in return. if you don't think you should give them something because they don't merit it, tell them in an assertive way. if you can't do this properly, try to tell a little lie at first, say you lost it, or you didn't take the notes during class - it might not be too important if the lie is credible or not - it all depends on what you want to achieve in the end. if they sense that you do not want to give it to them and so are fabricating a lie, it's well and good. if you want to make them really believe you can't (but are not reluctant to) give them the thing, your lie must be credible. hope this helped... remember to be asseritive in life. respect yourself and the others will respect you for it. ps. it doesn't do much good though for being too proud... if they ask forgiveness, i think you should give it to them... even though you cannot forget, you can forgive.
  • Forget about them. that isn't friendship, they are using you. Find ones that deserve to be called friends. Once I had a "friend" like that. would contact me only when I can do something he can't calling himself a "true friend" ya right I was, he wasn't. so I completely cut him off, he called me around 65 times I didn't answer!!! lol

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