• statements like these just throw me of my friggin rocker. no, if you're white and did not vote for obama based on his political views, you are NOT racist. no, i'm sure, everybody can stop heckling caucasian people over this. and really, when people accuse non-obama voters of this, they make not only themselves look horrible, it effects how people look at obama.
  • Yes, I actually lost my best friend of 4 yrs over it. She was a die hard Obama supporter and I never was. We had a talk about it, I explained to her that I was color blind, it was his policies that I disagreed with. It had nothing to do with race. Still, she called me a racist and said she couldnt believe she was ever friends with me.
  • No, but I've been called rude things for voting for Obama. As for defending oneself, if a person is ignorant and small-minded enough to assume that whites who didn't support Obama are racist, no manner of defence will convince them otherwise.
  • I personally am still to young to vote, but I do and did have a problem with people bringing race and sex issues into things like the presidential election this year. People that dont vote or vote for someone based on their race and, or sex are idiots. Vote for who you think will get the job done right no matter the race or sex.
  • I haven't, but my state has. It's ridiculous. White people all over voted for Obama. If it weren't true, he wouldn't have been elected. Obama won because he was black, not despite it. A white person would never have gotten away with all the stuff that he has.
  • That's a bit narrow-minded of your professor. I'm inclined to just as easily presume that anyone who would vote for Obama on the basis of his being an African American would be a racist. I don't think Obama will have the magic wand everyone thought he'd have for our economy, but I'm still glad McCain didn't make it. A poor economy is better than a poor economy and ANOTHER war.
  • Well First thing , "TO whom one should vote, WHY To vote him , Why NOT to vote him " is all a person own decisions , its useless to bring Race in it ( even though it plays a big role).If i was in that class i would have stood Up :)
  • I voted for Obama . With that said ; I do believe that MANY white voters did not vote for him because he is black .... Also; MANY Black people DID vote for him just because he IS black ... So; Raceism was / is apparent for Both the black and the white voters ...
  • Well the white students would not have gotten very far is the professor is saying stupid things like that. What's the point?
  • That is a pretty strong accusation for your professor to make. He/she must have a lot of issues.
  • No. The students in the class obviously didn't want a failing grade for disagreeing with the prof. What an asshole.
  • I doubt this happened. This sounds like every other shocking "a liberal professor said this or that" story that is out there and are all complete bollocks. If it did happen, the guy was either an ass or seeing if any of the students would actually have te brains to argue the point. And before you ask, I am an Obama supporter but accusing non-supporters of automatic racism is crass and unhelpful.
  • White people are between a rock and a hard place sometimes when it comes to racisim... If we say something we face ridicule and if we dont, it is all unfair and out of order. Most white people will jump on your shit faster than a black person will over it too... Some black people know this and are self aware and realize that tit for tat doesn't get anyone anywhere at the end of the day but some use everything and every oppurtunity to bring up slavery and beat everyone over the head with it. I find it manipulative and shady really and when I hear it, I just walk away. It's not worth it to defend anything that will be deemed wrong out the gate no matter what you say. Remember... You can be right... and then you can be dead right. Measure if it is actually worth defending by considering the source first. Some people are decidedly ignorant and VERY socially manipulative.
  • Did any black students stand up and tell Professor Moron that he was moron?!? Probably not, either way, black or white, taking on this kind of nitwit would be a pure waste of time and energy. Just get through his class...and make certain you don't sign up for another. Eventually, when nobody signs up, he can sweep the university hallways...or even the mental hospital, maybe.
  • I am not an American so this question is not for me.. But what I feel is that if someone who is not voting for Obama because he is black is a racist, then anyone who has voted for him JUST because he is black is also a racist.
  • You were shocked? Did you stand up? Why does it have to be up to someone of a certain race to stand up when a bonehead is making a statement like that? You claim to be the libertarian, then act like one.
  • It's obvious that you're either lying, or your professor said that to encourage discussion. I'm caucasian and I didn't vote for Obama because he represents big government, lots of social programs and he will increase my taxes. I did not vote for McCain because he's caucasian. I voted for McCain to try to keep my taxes as low as possible. In 2008, I paid almost 20% of my income to the federal government, and that is WAY TOO much!!
  • Thats stupid. You vote for someone based on how you think they'll do as president. If you think they'll help you, etc. Your professor is stupid, and the students are probably just lazy.
  • What a fear in US to be called Racist. Your Prof is a Rscist, and the YES-Sayer as well. All rights to be shocked. Did you stand up?
  • I haven't but it might be because I live in the south in the mountains and mostly around whites. My friend on the other hand went to a small black church where all the blacks were high-5ing each other and proud that they had voted for Obama. She had been there for 11 years....worked hard for this group of their church, painting it single handedly with her husband, cooked her but off for all their church functions, taught Sunday-school and held a high office in their church as did her husband. They are both white....well when she walked out of the church around the time of voting before or after can't remember.....she saw how they were going against what that very church teaches. They had all voted for him because "He was their man." She and her husband looked at each other in silence on the way home and then she told him....she would never go back there. He agreed...Was it because they didn't like who they voted for? No!!!! It was because of the very things our religion has taught us.....they went against all that my friends had spent years teaching all because they thought more of their race than their FATHER'S teachings. My friends husband returned to the church and read the letter his wife wrote about the fact that she couldn't sit in a church with people who wanted to please their race more than wanting to please their Master. I can just imagine what they all said when the whites in the church left......they were most probably called racists........
  • Maybe that is because they are used to their very educated professor saying really dumb, thoughtless things. I once had a professor who, in the nineties, told the class that the economy was so bad and would remain so bad that they could never hope to own a home. There was shocked silence in the room. That was a slogan in the early eighties, when interest on a loan was so high that most people were opting for small condos. In the nineties, we had low interest and a building boom. Apparently he hadn't paid much attention to anything in ten years. I wanted to ask him if he thought the economy was worse than in 1938 when my grandparents bought their first home, but then I remembered that this was the professor who laid on the floor and howled like a wolf until enough kids dropped the class that he thought he wouldn't have to work very hard grading papers, and figured it wouldn't be worth it. One thing I learned when I worked in a college and many of my friends where Phds or AbDs (all but dissertation), when you spend that much time with your nose in a book, you frequently don't have time to think about anything else. So while you get smarter and smarter on one small subject, you frequently get further and further behind on everything else. By the time they get finished, they really aren't qualified to speak on anything else besides that tiny subject in which they have specialized.
  • Yes, on QnA msn they went all out calling me a racist because I did not vote for him and then I hit them with the fact that I am married to a black man and they flipped and called me a liar. My black husband sid they are all a bunch of idots on QnA msn.
  • Obviously this professor didn't have anybody like The Chief in his class. This is pure bullsh*t, the type of bullsh*t that I take great glee and pride in smacking down. The comment itself is racist and heavy on the guilt trip. Personally, I would have had no problem what-so-ever in standing up in class and telling the professor to suck the heat out of my *ss. Officers who are better men than that professor will ever be have had to stand up and take notice of The Chief when I've called them on the carpet like that in the Navy. F*ck him, and f*ch everybody who pulls the race card out every time someone thinks anything having to do with our President being black is racist. He may not have been my personal choice as President, but he's MY President and I will NOT stand for such disrespectful behavior towards him or the office he holds. <EDIT> Just curious here: I take it YOU didn't stand up against this yourself. Why? The issue of voting for the President is based upon PERSONAL convictions, and they are just as varied as the human race can be. It doesn't matter whether you are male or female, pro-abortion or pro-life, old or young, what religious beliefs you follow (or don't follow), what your race or color is, or culture you are from. EVERYBODY votes based on their OWN criteria. Some did so because they were racist (for and against Obama), I have no doubt. But like all sweeping generalizations like this, it is WOEFULLY inaccurate at best.
  • Crazy..It was a political vote not race vote... crazy!! report this teacher he needs to be re-educated
  • That seems to be the card many will play when involving this. I don't care what they call me, I don't believe in liberalism, I believe in liberty. Small gov't, not big gov't. Individualism, not collectivism, huge difference. God has blessed the USA, not the USSA.
  • Yes, I have been called racist on QnA msn for being racist against blacks for not voting for him and I have been married to a black man for 26 years and with him over 30 years. My black husband did not vote for obama either, but nobody calls him a racist.

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