• I've never been one for sports. Pasty white children never are. If you were pelted with balls you wouldn't like them either.
  • I don't care about sports. It holds no interest whatsoever for me.
  • *raises hand slowly while looking around to make sure none of the sports nuts see and start beating her* ... i actually really really dislike sports. I especially hate watching them. I'm not competetive by nature so I hate playing them as well. I will only tolerate running, or pilates so I get my excersise...
  • I don't just not care about sports. I actively hate and avoid them. No matter what sport I play, I almost always end up getting hit with something. Basketballs to the nose, volleyballs to the tp of theh head, painful racket prints on my face. I've suffered it all. I haven't played or watched any kind of competitive sports in over 7 years, and I have no plans to start in the future. The only kind of "Sports" I play is occasional swimming, and even that I do alone and with no real rules, so it's more of a passtime than it is a sport.
  • I like to play sports, but I don't care too much about watching them. I respect those who play though.
  • I could care less about sports.
  • I dislike all organized sports that are shown on television.

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