• It's tough. Unless the person is an obvious danger to him/herself or to others that would require the State to step in, you would probably have to be a Super-Salesperson. Try to speak with a (free) Social Worker to get pointers. Good Luck!
  • If someone doesn't want help there isn't much you can do unless you can prove that they are a harm to themselves or others. Except for listening of course.
  • Try to get the person, friends and families in the same room and convince him that it would be best for him and the people involved if he would get help.
  • This is a very important question because sometimes when the person is questioned at a pyschiatric hospital they can fool the doctors. The Government really needs to put more guidelines in on who qualifies for the help and when they can be forced to undergo help. I really hope this person listens to you and gets some help before they cause harm to themselves or others.
  • I truly wish there was a way without legal force being utilized, but i don't believe there is. It seems all we can do to best help someone in need of help is to be supportive and seek advice regarding coping skills and ways to support those adversely affected by mental health issues.
  • First , impeach him. Then section 12.

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