• yes I have a hard time sleeping
  • anxiety and lack of hunger, weight loss
  • a lot of times it is caused from not being physically active. i notice when i go awhile without exercise it affects the chemicals in my brain
  • I don't know about now, becuase I'm not depressed anymore. But when I was, I generally didn't feel well. I had random aches, frequent heaches, and just didn't feel like getting up. I didn't have the engery (because of depression) so I think that played a major role in how my body dealt with the stress.
  • I think it is a vicious cycle. If you get depressed your whole body hurts..that makes you more depressed..and so on and so on. Then if you get out and exercise..your body feels are less depressed..and on and on.
  • Yes, it can affect many parts of the body.
  • yeah... you lose your appetite when you're depressed so you lose a ton of weight. then your hair begins to fall out. then you get chest pains, joint pains and stuff.
  • Yes. Fatigue and stiff joints and muscles. But you should see a doctor if you've got any physical ailments, despite your feelings.
  • Just lethargy and not wanting to do much of anything. I have been through it. It really sucks. I have had friends and relatives who helped me out of it. It was because of the deaths of several close friends and relatives in a very short time. That can really bring you down. You feel life itself is coming to an end. That is when you really need help from those who care about you. Cultivate and keep many friends. Stay in contact with family. You will definitely need them at some time.
  • Yes. I feel so tired I don't want to come out of bed, and everything takes me longer. Headaches, sleepness and, uncontrolling tears.
  • yes depression also takes a physical toll on your body....tired, run down, lazy and you just dont want to
  • Yeah, My body feels achy all over :'(
  • I myself is on anti-depressant medication, but depression will affect peaple in many differant ways. For me i get realy moody and tired all the time. At other times i get were i dont give a shit about anything in my life. My body realy dont hurt me beside the reguler pain i all ready have.
  • Depression weakens your immune system.
  • Personally it makes me feel very lethargic during the daytime, yet at night I'm unable to sleep. It also affects my appetite.
  • it causes me to feel sleepy praise God, I don't feel depressed hardly ever anymore. I hope you aren't..."Missy" are a have a flower from me:
  • My concentration is off, and also it stops my bowel movement.
  • Supposedly yes. I'd imagine so, seeing as how the parts of our body(physical and mental) are connected and related.
  • Very much so. First of all, I'm more tired. Second of all, I feel just fatigued.
  • Yea, I get headaches.
  • Yes I break ourt real bad and it makes you want to do nothing at times.

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