• Washington State
  • Austria - I have been there only once some thirty years and I love to go there again.
  • a very famous hill station called Nainital very near to my city only140 km.i read there too.
  • I tend to have the best times on "Amusement Park Treks to Find Roller Coasters." I now make a yearly wonderful voyage to ride The Voyage, The Legend and The Raven coasters at Holiday World Park, Santa Claus, Indiana. The Voyage is breathtaking, rip-roaring and raucous in all the best ways.
  • I could run down a whole list of "best places" where family and friends vacationed over the years. As hard as I tried, I can't bring myself to name "the one". It would just be unfair. We laughed and had so much non-stop fun at almost all of them... Aruba...Mayan Riviera...Cancun...Hawaii...Canary Islands...Paris (my favorite city in the world)...Costa del Sol...Majorca...Cruises too many to name, but the best being Panama Canal and the Mediterranean...London...Rome...Barcelona...St. Thomas...St. Martin...Las Vegas...and still many others...for a total of some 32 countries visited, although not all vacations. OK...I still can't decide! Let's just say this, none of those places were ever the same after we all were there! In fact, I'm not sure whether it was Bush or us who screwed up international relations worse! :-) Thanks for bringing back a lot of fond memories. +5 for that. My travel days are pretty much history now. Got a more important care giving priority going on...and that's just fine with me.
  • Aspen Colorado for my son's wedding! It was breathtaking!
  • Undoubtedly Austria. Its a vacation I will never forget.Scenic beauty to rival Switzerland at half the cost and what lovely people. I had a most memorable train journey there when they had to stop the trains in one sector to repair the tracks. We still reached our destination on time. Hopefully I'll go back there some day.
  • Cancun,Mexico on spring break back In my early 20's.
  • For relaxation, Aruba and for fun Las Vegas
  • My lake cabin. I don't swim, don't fish, don't boat. I don't even much like to take showers. My wife doesn't much like it so she doesn't always go with. I can see one other house from there. I sleep, read, listen to music, walk in the woods and don't do anything I don't want, and no I won't give out the directions.
  • In your own home. Try to just stay at home and enjoy yur home and being with each other. Many team things to do around the house. Renew the spart. Chase each other through the house. Have a little fun. play hide-n-seek. Staying home could be great.

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