• 22 years and not often. It used to be bigger on me.
  • I have a terry robe, it's a man's as it was cheap and fits me well even though I am female. My cats enjoy cuddling up on me when I wear it which is often. I think I have owned this one for about 4 years.
  • Don't use one anymore.
  • I have four bathrobes of different textures and weights. I wear one everyday so I like to have a variety. I've had one of them for about six years and the other three about four. I might need to replace one or two now that you mention it.
  • I have one with my name embroidered on it, I got it for Christmas. I wear it every time I get out of the shower.
  • I have owned it 2 years and I use it every morning after my shower.
  • I have 2. A heavy and large terry cloth which covers my hands when I let my arms hang straight down. (Lands End) It is 2 years old and I wear it every morning after I get up in the winter and sometimes in the evening. The 2nd one is a light cloth robe that fits me and I wear it in the summer and it's about 10 years old.
  • my nieces bought me a dark blue robe for Christmas one year about 10 years ago. it is still in the package.
  • I own 3, a black/red checkered one for winter time, a fleece rosy one with white snowflakes on it for winter, a black velvet one for other seasons. I've had all of them for a long time, the newest being the black/red check one. I wear a robe every night's comfy and warm here in winter time!
  • I own one and have only used it a few times, mostly if I'm sick. I have a waist length hoodie robe that is very warm and comfy and prefer to wear that for some reason. I wear it a lot when I'm home, if I get chilly, I toss it on over what I'm wearing. I wanted to get more, but the store where I got it no longer carries them.
  • i have a long pink terrycloth robe. it keeps me nice and warm!
  • I LOVE wearing bathrobes at home, I've got 2 and I wear them all the time every day :) One is not very old but the other I got from my mom who got it from some guy she knew a long time ago so it's really old but it's awesome.
  • I have two long terry-cloth robes. Looks like hell but great after bathing on cold nights.
  • I have had it for about 3 years and had it on once
  • My favorite one is about 4 years old. It's fleece and I love it. I wear it every morning in the winter. If I could get away with it, I'd wear it all day!!! LOL
  • I wish you wre my bathrobe, I will always wear you at home.
  • I have to admit I do own one, but hardly ever wear it, its a manky green colour, a terry towel one, its very heavy, its about 15 years old ....LOL
  • i have silk one my mom got when she got deployed to korea. i wear it every once in a while when i remember to grab it
  • about a year and just about every day in the winter but never in the summer
  • I just got this one a month ago, it's yellow with pink & white Hello Kitty faces, it's knee length. I wear it when I have to dash from the bathroom to my room and want to keep my modesty
  • I've had it for more years than I can count and I never wear it. But it is there just in case! :)

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